Gaining confidence, feeding your mind and body right, and believing you deserve it all – EDEM ep. 16 with Tatiana Amico

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Why is it hard to put ourself first? How do we let go of the limiting beliefs and negative self talk and gain back our confidence? How do we have it all? Meet Tatiana Amico, mom of two who has built a life and business around empowering women to go after their dreams and have […]

Starting a fulfilling side gig, creating a plan and sticking to it, and reflecting on the good things – EDEM podcast with Susan Maccarelli

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Do you dream of starting your own side gig but don’t know where to begin? Meet Susan Maccarelli, a stay-at-home mom of two who did just that. She had an idea, created a plan, stuck with it, and it’s evolved into a fulfilling side business. Hear how she did it, what she’s learned along the way, […]