How we Grow Ourselves through our Parenting

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When I started my blog EveryDayEveryMom almost two years ago, I had no idea what direction it would take. I wanted to capture my experiences in motherhood before it passed by—as many mothers before me warned me that it would. It’s true that in what seems like a blink of an eye—even though the days themselves seemed […]

Being Positive – Accepting that whatever is happening now is the best for this moment

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We were at a crowded indoor play space, where many of us find ourselves during the cold and rainy months. I was complaining about the crowds, how far away we had to park, how chaotic it seemed. Then I realized something… my kids weren’t complaining at all. They didn’t even seem to notice these negatives […]

Trusting more and worrying less, prioritizing couple time, and allowing love to conquer fear – EDEM ep. 24 with Shelby Spear

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With so much of parenting being unknown and unfamiliar, it can make us worry a lot because we tend to fear things we don’t understand. How do we trust more and worry less? Meet Shelby Spear, mother of three college-aged children, who shares a unique perspective on parenting now that her children are out of […]

Six ways moms can encourage each other everyday

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We all have to make some time in our day to do something we love, something that fills us up beyond parenting. Making time for the things we love takes planning and some courage. Planning to carve time in an already full day. Courage to trust ourselves and value ourselves enough to make the time. As mothers, […]

Connecting with other moms is way better than comparing

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There are many things that parenting teaches us. One big lesson is to let go of comparison and and choose love and mindfulness instead. if we’re stuck on the outside, we’re missing the opportunity to connect and grow Too often, we look outside to determine how we feel inside. Giving in to those surface-level thoughts […]

Potty training your little one with as much calm as possible

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Potty training is a big step toward our babies becoming more independent and us accepting we are not in control of our babies. We get to control our reactions to what happens, but not what happens. Reminding ourselves to choose love amidst the many emotions we will experience during potty training is the best way to stay calm. Here is what […]

Dropping the Pacifier with extra patience

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Ahh the pacifier. For anyone who has been on the floor searching for one the middle of night or has popped one in at a restaurant to immediately calm your crying  baby. You know the love-hate relationship that exists with the binky. The Pacifier is so wonderful in the early months. It really does calm […]

Life Recipe 05: Getting out the door in winter

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We hope to use the force to get our children dressed and out the door. “This is your jacket. Put on your shoes. And now let’s leave.” But we’re not jedi knights and its rarely that easy. It’s more like this: Calvin gets one boot on and suddenly his other boot transforms into a lightsaber. […]

Sharing life recipes for making EveryDay moments more meaningful for the EveryMom.

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Life as a mom is full. We aren’t just moms, we’re much more like homemakers, nurturers, organizers, wives, colleagues, sisters, and daughters. At the root of all of these roles is who we are as people. We can only be as good for others as we are to ourselves. I want my life as a […]

Getting through your child’s meltdown – Five practices to try

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It can be really hard to stay calm when your child is in the midst of meltdown. Children are high emotion and their fits of frustration and anger can be really strong at times. Just when you think you are doing well, rocking it as a parent, one happens and it can really deplete you. […]

Conscious Parenting – what is it in five simple steps

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Conscious parenting isn’t about ‘getting it right’ all the time, its about evolving together. I learn as much from my children as they learn from me. Through parenting, I’ve grown as a person with every challenge and joy it has brought me. Everyday is exhausting as it is exhilarating, as routine as it is remarkable. […]

You can only find happiness inside – Children can help bring it out

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My 7-month old Paige looks up at the trees and smiles. She happily sits and watches her brother and sister run around the yard or dance or build blocks. When she giggles her whole body feels it and I can’t help but smile too. My children continually inspire me to feel more, and to feel […]

Children model our behavior more that we know – and more than we would like

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I was outside in the yard doing some yoga stretching after my run this morning. I looked up and saw Lucy right up next to the glass of the door. She was mirroring all the yoga stretches I was doing. I raised my hands up to the sky and so did she. It was the […]