Mindfulness Workshop

Wednesday, November 1
HeartGarden in Oak Park.

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How do we stay focused on what matters most?
How can we stay centered through the ups and downs?

We’ll learn about mindfulness in a simple, friendly way—the science behind it, how to develop your own consistent practice, and why it helps us reduce stress and enjoy life a little more. 

Mindfulness is a set of attention skills that you can learn and grow. It’s like a gym for your mind, and it can radically transform your life—leading to better health, more connected relationships, greater productivity, performance, purpose, and creativity.

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Peaceful Mama Workshop

Friday, November 10
New Moms in Oak Park

Peaceful Mama Workshop – Cultivating Self Compassion and Mindfulness. Why are we hardest on ourselves? Join as we learn how to become more aware of our inner critic, practice self-compassion, and get out of our head and into our heart. Through mindfulness exercises, guided meditation and visualization, as well as discussion and reflection time, we’ll explore the important topic of self-compassion together. Take this time for you, to learn the tools to feel more at peace, happy, and fulfilled in your life.

Three-part Mindfulness Group

Wednesday, November 8, 15, and 29
HeartGarden in Oak Park.

Let’s dive into mindfulness a little deeper. You’ll head into this holiday with a different mindset so you can be more present, less stressed, and enjoy more.

Each session will include instruction, guided mindfulness meditation and visualization, discussion, and reflection time. Consistency and accountability is important. Join like-minded people as we support one another on our path toward living with more intention, purpose, and well-being. 

First session: Mindful Being. We’ll learn more about mindfulness and how to integrate it into your life. Mindfulness is not a switch that turns on and stays on. We keep at it everyday, seeing each moment as an opportunity to let go and start fresh. With as little as a 10-minute daily practice, you’ll see how it can help you in feel greater alignment, connection, and fulfillment throughout your day and in all the areas of your life—health, relationships, work, parenting, financial, and emotional. We’ll become more aware and accepting of where we are now and use mindfulness to help get us to where we want to be. Everything you want for your life is possible – the transformation you are seeking is already within you. This course will help you bring it out. The most priceless investment is the investment in you.

Second Session: Mindful family harmony. The start of the holidays also means the start of a lot of activity and family time, which may cause us stress. Join us as we learn mindfulness techniques that allow us to be more present and feel more abundance and joy. Mindfulness helps us recognize when we are lost in stories and voices in our head that aren’t serving us. We learn focus and attention skills that enable us to get present and be here now. Whether you are looking for greater connection with your children or extended family, mindfulness can help. Incorporating concepts from Dr. Shefali Tsabary The Awakened Family, we’ll learn how to tune into our inner self so we can respond to our outer experiences in a less reactive, more heart-felt way and enjoy greater connection in our relationships. Take this time for you so you can get the most out of the season ahead.

Third session: Mindful Self-Compassion. With mindfulness, we become more aware and learn how to focus our attention on what we choose. We can choose to be more kind, loving, and compassionate to ourselves. With self-compassion, we are better placed to help others and feel happier. We only give to others what we give to ourselves. Incorporating concepts from Dr. Kristin Neff Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself, we’ll learn tools to accept ourselves as we are, become less reactive and more resilient with difficult emotions, and become more motivated to reach our highest potential. We’ll learn the science behind it and how to practice it in daily life to feel happier, healthier, and show up as the highest version of yourself.


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If you’re looking for an interactive workshop for your group, please reach out. Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Mindful Parenting are important topics. I love being able to create an environment where people can reflect on where they are, learn about mindfulness and other tools, to become more intentional about where they want to be. When we have a better mindset, we feel more peaceful and fulfilled, our life begins to flow better. We enjoy the good things more and don’t get as stressed about the tough things because we see everything as a way to grow ourselves. Challenges come to teach us something. Reach out to set up one of these workshops or we can create a customized one for your group.

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