Peaceful Mama Book

The Peaceful Mama provides practical tools, inspiration, and methods to help new Mamas blossom into Motherhood. Our mission is to ignite the more conscious, wholehearted, and peaceful version of self that is within each of us.

Our Intention

Co-Authors Lindsay Ambrose and Natalie Sager share the story of what happens inside a woman when she brings a child into the world—the emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth—and how it can spring her into a more wholehearted, connected, and peaceful way of living. They have developed a practical, flexible and focused method to honor yourself during this delicate time. By nourishing the mind, body and soul a new Mama can make herself a priority throughout the day to make Motherhood a more beautiful experience. A MAMAHH Moment is a daily practice she can turn to when she needs a lift.

The Essence

How we choose to live, who we choose to surround ourselves with, and clarifying our own core beliefs and values has never been quite as impactful as when we become Mama’s. We become our child’s world the moment we conceive. Babies absorb everything—our thoughts, emotions and  energy. It’s not what we say or what we read. It is our essence. It is who we are today and who we choose to be tomorrow that will inevitably impact our own child’s essence—their thoughts, emotions, energy, health and well being.  Provided we are given the appropriate guidance and proper tools. Becoming a better version of ourselves is the absolute greatest gift we can give our children.

The tools

We share the tools a Mama needs to improve her well-being and raise her level of consciousness through a practical framework called MAMAHH Moments. We encourage Mamas to take moments throughout their day to become more centered and present. Mamas can attain massive benefits to their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health when they begin to implement Mindfulness, Affirmation, and Movement. This way of living creates a shift in our perspective. We become more present and notice the beauty in the everyday. We feel more Abundance in all areas of our life, our Health and Heart synchronize, and we become more peaceful versions of ourselves.   When our mind, body, and soul are at peace with one another, we can better recognize stress, reset, and become centered again with the intention of patience and love. Love is the greatest gift we can give our children and it effortlessly flows from a Peaceful Mama. Our children become more conscious and compassionate from the love that fills their hearts and their homes. And, with that we hope to spread the Peace.

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