Peaceful Mama Workshop: Bringing more intention and awareness into our day to feel more fulfilled

One way to feel more at peace in our busy days, is to be tuned in to the things that fill us up. Awareness is the first step.

Our days will be busy no matter what. When we choose to fill ourself us up first, we show up as the highest version of ourself at home, at work, in our relationships—in all the different areas of our life.

Join me for a PeacefulMama workshop next Friday, August 18 at 10am at New Moms (formerly Parenthesis) in Oak Park!

We’ll have time to reflect on the habits that are driving the choices we make everyday and set new intentions in alignment with where we want to be.

We’ll develop our own plan to take with us that incorporates mindfulness, self-compassion, and a simple meditation to support and re-center ourselves.

Join us for this fun workshop where you’ll connect with other moms while your children play in a safe, enriching environment!

Limited free childcare is available, Please RSVP to or 773.252.3253 x221

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