Life Recipes – Meditations

Life Recipes – Meditations and Methods for Wholeness and Harmony

Wholeness and harmony in body, mind, spirit, and soul is within each of us. This is our essence.

The more we move through life from this being, we feel the wholeness, harmony, and fulfillment we desire. This sense of being connects us to intention attracts more of this goodness into our life, gives us deep meaning and purpose.

Tough things will come up.

We’re human and we’ll falter and experience challenges. These are the clouds. We can move above them, everything we need is within us to move through every life experience that comes our way. It’s these very things, the tough things, that are helping us grow into who we are meant to be to fulfill our purpose that gives us our greatest fulfillment.

It is up to us, and only us, to unearth the purpose within us, our higher self.

We’re not meant to have little glimpses of joy, we are joy. We are creative, kind, loving, expansive, abundant beings. That is our essence.

Our responsibility here, in this body, is to keep returning to that essence. Doing so encourages others to return there too and attracts everything that we need into our life.

It does not come from outside of us. It’s within us and it’s from this place that we truly connect with others, and this is where we feel joy.

This peace comes from creating space between what is going on in our life, around us, through us, in our relationships, experiences, and encounters and how we respond.

We don’t have to let the tough parts become us. We are made for more.

We are made to grow through whatever is coming up in our life, to awaken, and to evolve ourselves through it.

When things come up, it’s a shift from why me to what am I meant to learn from this?

We can flow through our life in a more centered and connected way and it comes from connecting all the parts of us, our body, mind, spirit, and soul.

All the parts of our life are interconnected and when one part feels unbalanced we fill it in the other parts.

So much of what we learn from the world doesn’t serve us. We have to let go of what we’ve learned and embrace what we are and keep returning to it. That’s where we find the fulfillment and wholeness we desire.

The wholeness, harmony, and fulfillment is already within us. How do we get there?

Here come the life recipes. What if living with fulfillment and wholeness doesn’t have to be so hard?

Life recipes are practical methods and meditations that take the big concepts we know and believe to be true to but have trouble actually executing in our lives.

Life recipes break them down and make these concepts easier to understand and apply.

Just like food recipes break down how to make meals. Step by step is how we accomplish anything.

Life recipes break down how to live with more meaning and fulfillment across all the important areas of our life:

  • Present Moment Awareness
  • Health and Fitness
  • Intellectual Growth
  • Emotional Energy
  • Principles of Character
  • Spiritual Centeredness
  • Meaningful Work
  • Financial Abundance
  • Love relationship
  • Values and parenting
  • Social and Family
  • Quality of Life

Practicing the life recipes help us find meaning in our everyday.

They help us return to our essence that is love, peace, and joy. They help us feel wholeness and harmony with our mind, body, spirit, and soul.

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