Peaceful Mama Circle – Launch team!

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We are so excited to invite you to be a part of our Peaceful Mama Circle Launch team! What is the Peaceful Mama Circle (PMC)? Our intention is to create a virtual community that gives mamas a tribe, resources, and inspiration so we replace the overwhelm, judgement, and comparison with acceptance and begin to flow […]

Playing full out—living a more fully engaged, confident, joyful and fulfilling life – EDEM ep. 40 with Rita Hyland

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What if the story in our own head, that drives the choices we make day-to-day isn’t serving us or is even against us? How could asking different questions begin to shift that storyline: What am I supposed to see and learn here instead of dwelling in ‘why me’?  How is this actually working for me […]

Finding joy in helping others, overcoming doubt by doing good, and looking inward instead of outward for answers – EDEM ep. 35 with Donna Marie Post

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It’s natural to feel doubt in parenting, work, and life. We all do. What matters is what we do with it, how we redirect it and believe in ourselves again. Meet Donna Marie Post, a mother of one, who shed a part of her old self when she became a mom. It was a part of […]

Becoming more conscious of our time and choices, and creating balance and fulfillment as a whole person – EDEM ep. 27 with Karli Kujawa Smith

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In the busyness of our days, we can sometimes feel like life is just happening to us but really we are shaping our lives by the choices we make everyday. When we focus on awareness, we can be more conscious of the choices we are making and start creating a life that is our own that […]

Feeling worthy, taking care of ourselves, and feeling happy now through gratefulness – EDEM ep. 25 with Kristy DeJesus

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Nobody has it all figured out when it comes to parenting. Too often we put a mask up that everything is rosy when it’s not what we are really feeling. We all experience the inevitable ups and downs so we do so why do so many of us feel we can’t be truthful about how […]

Self-acceptance, self-care, and creating the unique life balance that’s right for you – EDEM no. 23 with Lindsey Monroe

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You are enough, right now. How would our days be different if this was the core message moms heard? We accept our whole self, knowing we are doing the best can in this moment. We realize our best is different from every other person’s best so we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and no longer give in to thoughts of […]

Decluttering and Organizing your home, Discovering more balance in your life- EDEM ep. 22 with Gillian Perkins

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Do you want to simplify and organize your life you so have more freedom and experience more relaxation? Do you want the recipe for a constantly clean house? Meet Gillian Perkins, a mother, author, and business owner who shared the struggle many moms face of how to keep our home in order and  our work + life in balance. She […]

Sharing parenting responsibilities, Making time for the right things – EDEM ep. 17 with Heather Rosales

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One thing they don’t really teach us when we become parents is how is how to share all of the parenting responsibilities and make time for the right things. When one thing is off-kilter—whether its time for ourself, our spouse, or our children—it takes away from our enjoyment of all the other things and prevents us […]

Getting the family together around the table, bridging what you love and what you do everyday, and overcoming postpartum depression – EDEM story with Rebecca Andexler

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We want to follow our passion. To make what we love what we do everyday. But how do we do it? Meet Rebecca Andexler. Rebecca had a successful career in PR but felt like something was missing. She followed that voice and went back to school to become a chef. Today, her career is a […]

Rushing less and relaxing more through mealtimes, potty training, and life—EDEM Story with Jess Bedsole

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She changed her tone, her language, and her expectations with her son and now he listens and responds better. The shift came from reading oh crap! potty training. She did potty train but more importantly—she uncovered a simple way to relax and it positively changed their relationship. She still faces challenges—especially with balancing her time and energy evenly among […]

Starting a fulfilling side gig, creating a plan and sticking to it, and reflecting on the good things – EDEM podcast with Susan Maccarelli

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Do you dream of starting your own side gig but don’t know where to begin? Meet Susan Maccarelli, a stay-at-home mom of two who did just that. She had an idea, created a plan, stuck with it, and it’s evolved into a fulfilling side business. Hear how she did it, what she’s learned along the way, […]

Embracing your unique motherhood experience – EDEM 8 with Aisha Ellis

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Meet a mom of two sons who is spending time connecting with others, growing herself, and enjoying life as it is—instead of wishing and waiting for the next thing. Do you want to open yourself up to connecting with others and building your own little community? Do you want to get out of your mommy pants […]

Juggling home + life + work and doing what’s right for you and your family – EDEM 6 with Jaclyn Mellone

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Hear how the mama behind the chasing dreams and littles incubator is serving herself, her family, and her business in a way that is true for her. Have you felt the stress of life pulling you in different directions? Are you feeling guilt and stress over the juggle of it all? Meet Jaclyn Mellone.  Jaclyn experienced the overwhelm of […]