Peaceful Mama Circle – Launch team!

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We are so excited to invite you to be a part of our Peaceful Mama Circle Launch team! What is the Peaceful Mama Circle (PMC)? Our intention is to create a virtual community that gives mamas a tribe, resources, and inspiration so we replace the overwhelm, judgement, and comparison with acceptance and begin to flow […]

Peace begins Within – Technique for finding your calm amidst chaos

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Our own level of peace and wellbeing has such a big impact on the people we share our world with, especially the little people, our children. They feel what we feel and it’s up to us to take responsibly for the energy we’re putting out. It’s easy to blame our wellbeing on stuff outside of […]

Raising a Mindful Family by Modeling it

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One way to build a more compassionate and conscious family is through mindfulness. Mindfulness is the simple technique of paying attention to the present moment in a nonjudgemental way. Once we calm the thoughts in our head, we are able to tap into a part of ourselves that we lose sight of in our day-to-day […]

Peaceful Mama Workshop: A calming evening of self-care, mindfulness, and self-compassion

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Join us for the Peaceful Mamas workshop where we reflect on the mama we want to be, know we can be, but don’t always have the tools and time to actually be. To be at peace in our parenting, we need to feel at peace within ourselves. We’ll learn about self-compassion to accept ourselves where […]

Defining the virtues that drive the choices we make everyday – Our Character

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Integrity. It’s our sense of self. It’s the me who shows up in any situation regardless of what’s happening around me. Regardless of who I’m with, what is triggering me, any level of chaos or disharmony outside of me shouldn’t effect the me who shows up. Living with this truth is living in my integrity. […]

Acupuncture to restore balance and well-being for conception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond – EDEM ep. 37 with Annie Spindler – EDEM ep. 37 with Annie Spindler

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Sometimes we feel alone or ashamed of feelings of anger, frustration or isolation that come up. Yet, these feelings are inside all of us and natural. Just as natural as it is to have these feelings, are methods to treat them. Meditation, acupuncture, and reiki, to name a few are natural, ancient methods that can […]

Writing a family mission statement, defining your core values, and breaking the parenting rules – EDEM no. 12 NJ Rongner

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What is a family mission statement? Is it as simple as a vision of what you want for your family life and the values to live by to realize your vision? Is having one important? Meet NJ Rongner, a mom-of-two, who sat down with her husband to write their family mission statement. Hear why she did it, what her core […]

Listening to our children, trusting ourselves, and experiencing life as it comes- EDEM 9 with Jackie Healy

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Are our children mirrors to our own selves—teaching us to experience life more fully and deeply? Do you see taking some time for yourself as selfish or an act of self-love?  Meet Jackie Healy. Jackie believes parenting helps us to grow more into ourselves by opening up our minds to break old patterns and opening up […]

Renewed focus on mindful parenting and living – EDEM 6 with Diana Shea

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Hear how a mother of two who is passionate about wellness, cooking, and yoga reinvents herself with a new career and renewed focus on mindful parenting and living. Have you found that parenting is not so much about teaching our children but our children teaching us? How do we really connect with our children? Is it about […]

Life Recipe 03: Use your 5 senses to bring you back into the moment

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As we approach Christmas, I’m challenging myself to really be present for it. I don’t want it to pass in a blur. When I’m worrying, fretting, judging, or rushing—instead of just experiencing—I’m not really present. Experiencing with all five of my senses is a way to get me out of my head and really feeling […]

Life Recipe 02: Find more energy in the evenings

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The evenings are such precious, uninterrupted time. Too often I am too tired from the dinner, bath, story, and bedtime routine with my children to really enjoy them. How can I get more energy in the evenings to do the things I enjoy? Some nights I need to crash but most nights I just need […]

You can only find happiness inside – Children can help bring it out

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My 7-month old Paige looks up at the trees and smiles. She happily sits and watches her brother and sister run around the yard or dance or build blocks. When she giggles her whole body feels it and I can’t help but smile too. My children continually inspire me to feel more, and to feel […]

Like attracts like – when I feel happy then positive happy things come back to me

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The simple law of attraction—the energy that I put out comes back to me—has never been so clear to me then when I am a wife and a mom. My emotional state seems to affect the energy of our home me so strongly. When I feel happy and positive, happiness and joy seems to radiate […]