One tool to help prevent overwhelm: pausing first, before reacting

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It’s easy to let this season of giving, gratitude and family become one of overwhelm. One tool to help prevent this overwhelm: pausing first, before reacting. Taking one moment to pause first, before reacting, helps us disconnect whatever is going on around us with what we feel inside. When we feel calm and kindness inside, the […]

Trusting more and worrying less, prioritizing couple time, and allowing love to conquer fear – EDEM ep. 24 with Shelby Spear

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With so much of parenting being unknown and unfamiliar, it can make us worry a lot because we tend to fear things we don’t understand. How do we trust more and worry less? Meet Shelby Spear, mother of three college-aged children, who shares a unique perspective on parenting now that her children are out of […]

Be real, be silly, and be open to the relationships and opportunities that can make you grow – EDEM ep. 19 with Patti Cella

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What if we focused more on being real, being silly, and putting ourself out there so we keep growing and experiencing life as it is—instead of worrying what our life looks like to others and trying to achieve an image of perfect that isn’t even realistic? Meet Patti Cella, a hysterical mom of three young boys, […]

Sharing parenting responsibilities, Making time for the right things – EDEM ep. 17 with Heather Rosales

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One thing they don’t really teach us when we become parents is how is how to share all of the parenting responsibilities and make time for the right things. When one thing is off-kilter—whether its time for ourself, our spouse, or our children—it takes away from our enjoyment of all the other things and prevents us […]

Embracing your unique motherhood experience – EDEM 8 with Aisha Ellis

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Meet a mom of two sons who is spending time connecting with others, growing herself, and enjoying life as it is—instead of wishing and waiting for the next thing. Do you want to open yourself up to connecting with others and building your own little community? Do you want to get out of your mommy pants […]

Juggling home + life + work and doing what’s right for you and your family – EDEM 6 with Jaclyn Mellone

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Hear how the mama behind the chasing dreams and littles incubator is serving herself, her family, and her business in a way that is true for her. Have you felt the stress of life pulling you in different directions? Are you feeling guilt and stress over the juggle of it all? Meet Jaclyn Mellone.  Jaclyn experienced the overwhelm of […]

Keeping her humor and doing the things she’s always done – EDEM 1 with Molly Mahoney

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Meet a busy mom of three including twin babies who is saying yes to help, resetting expectations, and keeping a sense of humor so she can keep doing the the things she’s always done and not lose herself in parenting. Parenting is rarely what we expect it’s going to be. Just when we think we have something […]

Six ways moms can encourage each other everyday

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We all have to make some time in our day to do something we love, something that fills us up beyond parenting. Making time for the things we love takes planning and some courage. Planning to carve time in an already full day. Courage to trust ourselves and value ourselves enough to make the time. As mothers, […]

Connecting with other moms is way better than comparing

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There are many things that parenting teaches us. One big lesson is to let go of comparison and and choose love and mindfulness instead. if we’re stuck on the outside, we’re missing the opportunity to connect and grow Too often, we look outside to determine how we feel inside. Giving in to those surface-level thoughts […]