Preparing for the arrival of our third baby – a little different than our first and second

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When you have spent the last nine months thinking about the little person inside you, it is so wonderful to know that you will finally be meeting him or her. I wonder if it’s a boy or girl, the temperament, what he or she will look and feel like. I am ready to move beyond […]

Raising a happy three year old – implement a discipline strategy that rewards good behavior

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Heightened curiosity, more vivid imagination, longer attention span, and increased autonomy are a few of the neat things that have come with Calvin turning three. But with this age also came more frustration and emotion from him as tries to find his identity and be his own little person. For us, it also became the […]

Like attracts like – when I feel happy then positive happy things come back to me

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The simple law of attraction—the energy that I put out comes back to me—has never been so clear to me then when I am a wife and a mom. My emotional state seems to affect the energy of our home me so strongly. When I feel happy and positive, happiness and joy seems to radiate […]

Feeling the baby inside me – One of the most beautiful feelings in the world

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I love feeling the baby flutters and kicks inside me. It just never gets old. Around 20 weeks, you start to feel these little delicate flutters at random times. Then the movements become more frequent, with more force, and finally on more of a set schedule. The baby starts their routine even in the womb—moving […]

It is Craziness – try to see the beauty in the crazy

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We had good friends over for breakfast this weekend. They are friends from our life before children who have become great friends after children. I believe that we choose our friends and our friends make us be better people. With lifetime friends like this, we have seen each other evolve from young social singles to […]