Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, Morning routine, and Positive home environment – EDEM ep. 21 with Lindsay McCarthy

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Imagine a new routine with your family each morning. It’s not rushed or chaotic. You wake up a little earlier than you have to and do some simple, proven practices to improve everyone’s mindset A shift takes place when we devote time for ourself at the start of the day—we start to feel more confidence, […]

Health, wealth, love, happiness and letting our children be our greatest teachers – EDEM ep. 20 with Natalie Sager

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Health, wealth (abundance), love, and happiness. We want and deserve all of these things. We actually are all of these things at our core. We just have to dig down inside to heal ourself and let it emerge. It starts with our own health and well-being. We have to first feel healthy within our self to […]

Be real, be silly, and be open to the relationships and opportunities that can make you grow – EDEM ep. 19 with Patti Cella

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What if we focused more on being real, being silly, and putting ourself out there so we keep growing and experiencing life as it is—instead of worrying what our life looks like to others and trying to achieve an image of perfect that isn’t even realistic? Meet Patti Cella, a hysterical mom of three young boys, […]

In Parenting and in Life: Be Present. Be Positive. Be me.

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Parenting is rarely about what happens, and more about how we choose to feel and think about what happens. With this in mind, I realized there are three things more important that anything else in parenting and in life – being present, being positive, and being me. Parenting, with its highs and lows and great challenges […]

Gaining confidence, feeding your mind and body right, and believing you deserve it all – EDEM ep. 16 with Tatiana Amico

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Why is it hard to put ourself first? How do we let go of the limiting beliefs and negative self talk and gain back our confidence? How do we have it all? Meet Tatiana Amico, mom of two who has built a life and business around empowering women to go after their dreams and have […]

Making the choice to be happy, creative storytelling and singing, feeling grateful for right now

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How do we trust that where we are now is exactly where we need to be? How do we stay positive when we feel overwhelm from big changes in our life, like moving our family to a new place? Meet Katy Lineberry, mother of two, who realized when she takes time to appreciate the things in […]

Working on your summer bucket list? Here are some fun local summer outings

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Summer outing anyone? Here are some great spots in Chicago and western suburbs, many of them free, to go explore and have fun with your children this summer. And check out the life recipe for making your summer outing a success. “Experience is the teacher of all things.” – Julius Caesar Summer Outings Little Red School House. […]

Getting the family together around the table, bridging what you love and what you do everyday, and overcoming postpartum depression – EDEM story with Rebecca Andexler

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We want to follow our passion. To make what we love what we do everyday. But how do we do it? Meet Rebecca Andexler. Rebecca had a successful career in PR but felt like something was missing. She followed that voice and went back to school to become a chef. Today, her career is a […]

Rushing less and relaxing more through mealtimes, potty training, and life—EDEM Story with Jess Bedsole

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She changed her tone, her language, and her expectations with her son and now he listens and responds better. The shift came from reading oh crap! potty training. She did potty train but more importantly—she uncovered a simple way to relax and it positively changed their relationship. She still faces challenges—especially with balancing her time and energy evenly among […]

Writing a family mission statement, defining your core values, and breaking the parenting rules – EDEM no. 12 NJ Rongner

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What is a family mission statement? Is it as simple as a vision of what you want for your family life and the values to live by to realize your vision? Is having one important? Meet NJ Rongner, a mom-of-two, who sat down with her husband to write their family mission statement. Hear why she did it, what her core […]

Starting a fulfilling side gig, creating a plan and sticking to it, and reflecting on the good things – EDEM podcast with Susan Maccarelli

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Do you dream of starting your own side gig but don’t know where to begin? Meet Susan Maccarelli, a stay-at-home mom of two who did just that. She had an idea, created a plan, stuck with it, and it’s evolved into a fulfilling side business. Hear how she did it, what she’s learned along the way, […]

Expecting your second child? 18 tips for staying present and positive so you can appreciate more

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One nice thing about having your second child is that you trust yourself more.  You did it once, you can do it again. You still worry about whether or not you can handle it all. But if you are worrying, then you can’t be calm and positive and trust yourself. Knowing that our capacity to love and give only […]

Listening to our children, trusting ourselves, and experiencing life as it comes- EDEM 9 with Jackie Healy

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Are our children mirrors to our own selves—teaching us to experience life more fully and deeply? Do you see taking some time for yourself as selfish or an act of self-love?  Meet Jackie Healy. Jackie believes parenting helps us to grow more into ourselves by opening up our minds to break old patterns and opening up […]

Letting go of unrealistic expectations is the most perfect thing we can do in parenting

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You know that feeling inside when you’ve reached your limit? You just want to give up. But you don’t because your children are looking up at you in that moment and they need you. Need you to make dinner or change their diaper or give them a hug or a ride to swimming practice. Some […]

Feeling more joy and less stress everyday as a parent

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This is an EveryDayReflection on getting through stressful moments of parenting. When we are feeling less stress, we can appreciate and enjoy more moments with our children. Whenever my children are feeling big emotions and melting down,  one of the first things I try to say is, “calm down and take a deep breath.” And now when I’m starting […]