Wishing you a day of presence with all the family time, gathering, food and fun

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Happy Thanksgiving. My wish for this thanksgiving is presence, to accept myself and others fully, and really enjoy the food, the gathering, family time, and fun. I’ve gone through too many special holidays without really being there. Lost in expectations instead of what is, thoughts over food not being prepared quite right or being late […]

In Parenting and in Life: Be Present. Be Positive. Be me.

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Parenting is rarely about what happens, and more about how we choose to feel and think about what happens. With this in mind, I realized there are three things more important that anything else in parenting and in life – being present, being positive, and being me. Parenting, with its highs and lows and great challenges […]

Making the choice to be happy, creative storytelling and singing, feeling grateful for right now

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How do we trust that where we are now is exactly where we need to be? How do we stay positive when we feel overwhelm from big changes in our life, like moving our family to a new place? Meet Katy Lineberry, mother of two, who realized when she takes time to appreciate the things in […]

Expecting your second child? 18 tips for staying present and positive so you can appreciate more

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One nice thing about having your second child is that you trust yourself more.  You did it once, you can do it again. You still worry about whether or not you can handle it all. But if you are worrying, then you can’t be calm and positive and trust yourself. Knowing that our capacity to love and give only […]

Listening to our children, trusting ourselves, and experiencing life as it comes- EDEM 9 with Jackie Healy

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Are our children mirrors to our own selves—teaching us to experience life more fully and deeply? Do you see taking some time for yourself as selfish or an act of self-love?  Meet Jackie Healy. Jackie believes parenting helps us to grow more into ourselves by opening up our minds to break old patterns and opening up […]

Letting go of unrealistic expectations is the most perfect thing we can do in parenting

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You know that feeling inside when you’ve reached your limit? You just want to give up. But you don’t because your children are looking up at you in that moment and they need you. Need you to make dinner or change their diaper or give them a hug or a ride to swimming practice. Some […]

Renewed focus on mindful parenting and living – EDEM 6 with Diana Shea

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Hear how a mother of two who is passionate about wellness, cooking, and yoga reinvents herself with a new career and renewed focus on mindful parenting and living. Have you found that parenting is not so much about teaching our children but our children teaching us? How do we really connect with our children? Is it about […]

Feeling more joy and less stress everyday as a parent

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This is an EveryDayReflection on getting through stressful moments of parenting. When we are feeling less stress, we can appreciate and enjoy more moments with our children. Whenever my children are feeling big emotions and melting down,  one of the first things I try to say is, “calm down and take a deep breath.” And now when I’m starting […]

Raising a family and nurturing a business and filling each day with meaning – EDEM 3 Dana Malstaff

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Do you wake up every morning and love what you do? Do you believe that you can be as purposeful and passionate about your career as you are about your parenting? Meet Dana Malstaff. Dana is the devoted mom of two and entrepreneur behind Boss-Mom, a movement that supports women who yearn for more time […]

Six ways moms can encourage each other everyday

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We all have to make some time in our day to do something we love, something that fills us up beyond parenting. Making time for the things we love takes planning and some courage. Planning to carve time in an already full day. Courage to trust ourselves and value ourselves enough to make the time. As mothers, […]

Potty training your little one with as much calm as possible

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Potty training is a big step toward our babies becoming more independent and us accepting we are not in control of our babies. We get to control our reactions to what happens, but not what happens. Reminding ourselves to choose love amidst the many emotions we will experience during potty training is the best way to stay calm. Here is what […]

Dropping the Pacifier with extra patience

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Ahh the pacifier. For anyone who has been on the floor searching for one the middle of night or has popped one in at a restaurant to immediately calm your crying  baby. You know the love-hate relationship that exists with the binky. The Pacifier is so wonderful in the early months. It really does calm […]

Life Recipe 05: Getting out the door in winter

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We hope to use the force to get our children dressed and out the door. “This is your jacket. Put on your shoes. And now let’s leave.” But we’re not jedi knights and its rarely that easy. It’s more like this: Calvin gets one boot on and suddenly his other boot transforms into a lightsaber. […]

Life Recipe 03: Use your 5 senses to bring you back into the moment

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As we approach Christmas, I’m challenging myself to really be present for it. I don’t want it to pass in a blur. When I’m worrying, fretting, judging, or rushing—instead of just experiencing—I’m not really present. Experiencing with all five of my senses is a way to get me out of my head and really feeling […]