Health, wealth, love, happiness and letting our children be our greatest teachers – EDEM ep. 20 with Natalie Sager

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Health, wealth (abundance), love, and happiness. We want and deserve all of these things. We actually are all of these things at our core. We just have to dig down inside to heal ourself and let it emerge. It starts with our own health and well-being. We have to first feel healthy within our self to […]

Be real, be silly, and be open to the relationships and opportunities that can make you grow – EDEM ep. 19 with Patti Cella

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What if we focused more on being real, being silly, and putting ourself out there so we keep growing and experiencing life as it is—instead of worrying what our life looks like to others and trying to achieve an image of perfect that isn’t even realistic? Meet Patti Cella, a hysterical mom of three young boys, […]

Working on your summer bucket list? Here are some fun local summer outings

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Summer outing anyone? Here are some great spots in Chicago and western suburbs, many of them free, to go explore and have fun with your children this summer. And check out the life recipe for making your summer outing a success. “Experience is the teacher of all things.” – Julius Caesar Summer Outings Little Red School House. […]

Juggling home + life + work and doing what’s right for you and your family – EDEM 6 with Jaclyn Mellone

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Hear how the mama behind the chasing dreams and littles incubator is serving herself, her family, and her business in a way that is true for her. Have you felt the stress of life pulling you in different directions? Are you feeling guilt and stress over the juggle of it all? Meet Jaclyn Mellone.  Jaclyn experienced the overwhelm of […]

Feeling more joy and less stress everyday as a parent

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This is an EveryDayReflection on getting through stressful moments of parenting. When we are feeling less stress, we can appreciate and enjoy more moments with our children. Whenever my children are feeling big emotions and melting down,  one of the first things I try to say is, “calm down and take a deep breath.” And now when I’m starting […]

Life Recipe 05: Getting out the door in winter

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We hope to use the force to get our children dressed and out the door. “This is your jacket. Put on your shoes. And now let’s leave.” But we’re not jedi knights and its rarely that easy. It’s more like this: Calvin gets one boot on and suddenly his other boot transforms into a lightsaber. […]

Sharing life recipes for making EveryDay moments more meaningful for the EveryMom.

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Life as a mom is full. We aren’t just moms, we’re much more like homemakers, nurturers, organizers, wives, colleagues, sisters, and daughters. At the root of all of these roles is who we are as people. We can only be as good for others as we are to ourselves. I want my life as a […]

Life Recipe 03: Use your 5 senses to bring you back into the moment

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As we approach Christmas, I’m challenging myself to really be present for it. I don’t want it to pass in a blur. When I’m worrying, fretting, judging, or rushing—instead of just experiencing—I’m not really present. Experiencing with all five of my senses is a way to get me out of my head and really feeling […]

Life Recipe 02: Find more energy in the evenings

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The evenings are such precious, uninterrupted time. Too often I am too tired from the dinner, bath, story, and bedtime routine with my children to really enjoy them. How can I get more energy in the evenings to do the things I enjoy? Some nights I need to crash but most nights I just need […]

Children do learn from shows—but reading, playing, and imagining is definitely better

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My children have been really into Dr. Seuss lately. It’s fun reading longer books to them with real stories and lessons. They love The Grinch who Stole Christmas. And Grinch’s lesson that  “Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more” is especially timely. We were looking for special show […]

Life Recipes – Simple formulas for finding more meaning everyday

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We want to make the big and little moments of everyday more meaningful. We can do that by taking simple steps everyday. Tiny steps lead to big change. Life recipes are the easy-to-follow simple formulas for making big positive changes. Life recipes come in many categories from health to relationships to spirit to character. The […]