Change ourselves and experience a shift in our relationships, environment, and well-being

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Want a change in our relationships, our parenting, our environment, our well-being? We have to make the change. This is a bit of a paradigm shift. Think of how much energy is wasted worrying, fearing, dwelling on what someone else was doing without even realizing that nothing we do or think or say can change […]

Playing full out—living a more fully engaged, confident, joyful and fulfilling life – EDEM ep. 40 with Rita Hyland

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What if the story in our own head, that drives the choices we make day-to-day isn’t serving us or is even against us? How could asking different questions begin to shift that storyline: What am I supposed to see and learn here instead of dwelling in ‘why me’?  How is this actually working for me […]

Peace begins Within – Technique for finding your calm amidst chaos

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Our own level of peace and wellbeing has such a big impact on the people we share our world with, especially the little people, our children. They feel what we feel and it’s up to us to take responsibly for the energy we’re putting out. It’s easy to blame our wellbeing on stuff outside of […]

Finding joy in the little things – remembering gratitude is the gateway to joy

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It’s often in the little ordinary things, the everyday, where we find the joy. Sometimes we get so caught up in the big things. That we lose sight of all the little things that lead up to the big event. Thanksgiving dinner is a great reminder of this. Sitting down to the table and eating […]

Feeling more energized from helping others and experiencing deep relaxation and healing through Reiki – EDEM ep. 39 with Janice Lodato

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Little opportunities to give a little bit of ourselves through our time, patience, and love are all around us. And helping others actually helps ourself by activating that part of the brain that releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine. Meet Janice Lodato, a mother of one who works full-time but also has a Reiki, grief coaching, and […]

Being Positive – Accepting that whatever is happening now is the best for this moment

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We were at a crowded indoor play space, where many of us find ourselves during the cold and rainy months. I was complaining about the crowds, how far away we had to park, how chaotic it seemed. Then I realized something… my kids weren’t complaining at all. They didn’t even seem to notice these negatives […]

Struggling with weight, making a shift, gaining back energy and so much more – EDEM ep. 38 with Shanna O’Brien

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The idea of giving ourselves up when become mothers doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because first we have to take care of ourselves, then we can help others. We’re only as good as how we feel inside, our energy level, our mindset. Meet Shanna O’Brien, mom of 3 who talks candidly about her struggle with […]

Defining the virtues that drive the choices we make everyday – Our Character

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Integrity. It’s our sense of self. It’s the me who shows up in any situation regardless of what’s happening around me. Regardless of who I’m with, what is triggering me, any level of chaos or disharmony outside of me shouldn’t effect the me who shows up. Living with this truth is living in my integrity. […]

Acupuncture to restore balance and well-being for conception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond – EDEM ep. 37 with Annie Spindler – EDEM ep. 37 with Annie Spindler

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Sometimes we feel alone or ashamed of feelings of anger, frustration or isolation that come up. Yet, these feelings are inside all of us and natural. Just as natural as it is to have these feelings, are methods to treat them. Meditation, acupuncture, and reiki, to name a few are natural, ancient methods that can […]

Finding joy in helping others, overcoming doubt by doing good, and looking inward instead of outward for answers – EDEM ep. 35 with Donna Marie Post

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It’s natural to feel doubt in parenting, work, and life. We all do. What matters is what we do with it, how we redirect it and believe in ourselves again. Meet Donna Marie Post, a mother of one, who shed a part of her old self when she became a mom. It was a part of […]

Trusting more and worrying less, prioritizing couple time, and allowing love to conquer fear – EDEM ep. 24 with Shelby Spear

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With so much of parenting being unknown and unfamiliar, it can make us worry a lot because we tend to fear things we don’t understand. How do we trust more and worry less? Meet Shelby Spear, mother of three college-aged children, who shares a unique perspective on parenting now that her children are out of […]

Self-acceptance, self-care, and creating the unique life balance that’s right for you – EDEM no. 23 with Lindsey Monroe

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You are enough, right now. How would our days be different if this was the core message moms heard? We accept our whole self, knowing we are doing the best can in this moment. We realize our best is different from every other person’s best so we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and no longer give in to thoughts of […]

Decluttering and Organizing your home, Discovering more balance in your life- EDEM ep. 22 with Gillian Perkins

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Do you want to simplify and organize your life you so have more freedom and experience more relaxation? Do you want the recipe for a constantly clean house? Meet Gillian Perkins, a mother, author, and business owner who shared the struggle many moms face of how to keep our home in order and  our work + life in balance. She […]

Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, Morning routine, and Positive home environment – EDEM ep. 21 with Lindsay McCarthy

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Imagine a new routine with your family each morning. It’s not rushed or chaotic. You wake up a little earlier than you have to and do some simple, proven practices to improve everyone’s mindset A shift takes place when we devote time for ourself at the start of the day—we start to feel more confidence, […]