Struggling with weight, making a shift, gaining back energy and so much more – EDEM ep. 38 with Shanna O’Brien

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The idea of giving ourselves up when become mothers doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because first we have to take care of ourselves, then we can help others. We’re only as good as how we feel inside, our energy level, our mindset. Meet Shanna O’Brien, mom of 3 who talks candidly about her struggle with […]

Acupuncture to restore balance and well-being for conception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond – EDEM ep. 37 with Annie Spindler – EDEM ep. 37 with Annie Spindler

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Sometimes we feel alone or ashamed of feelings of anger, frustration or isolation that come up. Yet, these feelings are inside all of us and natural. Just as natural as it is to have these feelings, are methods to treat them. Meditation, acupuncture, and reiki, to name a few are natural, ancient methods that can […]

Decluttering and Organizing your home, Discovering more balance in your life- EDEM ep. 22 with Gillian Perkins

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Do you want to simplify and organize your life you so have more freedom and experience more relaxation? Do you want the recipe for a constantly clean house? Meet Gillian Perkins, a mother, author, and business owner who shared the struggle many moms face of how to keep our home in order and  our work + life in balance. She […]

Health, wealth, love, happiness and letting our children be our greatest teachers – EDEM ep. 20 with Natalie Sager

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Health, wealth (abundance), love, and happiness. We want and deserve all of these things. We actually are all of these things at our core. We just have to dig down inside to heal ourself and let it emerge. It starts with our own health and well-being. We have to first feel healthy within our self to […]

Gaining confidence, feeding your mind and body right, and believing you deserve it all – EDEM ep. 16 with Tatiana Amico

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Why is it hard to put ourself first? How do we let go of the limiting beliefs and negative self talk and gain back our confidence? How do we have it all? Meet Tatiana Amico, mom of two who has built a life and business around empowering women to go after their dreams and have […]

Getting the family together around the table, bridging what you love and what you do everyday, and overcoming postpartum depression – EDEM story with Rebecca Andexler

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We want to follow our passion. To make what we love what we do everyday. But how do we do it? Meet Rebecca Andexler. Rebecca had a successful career in PR but felt like something was missing. She followed that voice and went back to school to become a chef. Today, her career is a […]

Baby Led Weaning – Fancy Name for a great way to start solids

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I first learned of Baby led weaning (BLW) two years ago at a Mom’s group with Lucy. I was surprised I hadn’t even heard the term before. I of course went home and googled it. Essentially, it boils down to letting babies feed themselves soft chunks of food instead of spoon-feeding them purees when they […]

Coming up for air after my third child – making some time for me helps me feel more joy every day

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I must say that all of the good things I wrote about prior to my third baby in February have been challenged. Having a baby is tough, whether its your first baby, second, third or more. When I had my first, I remember saying that it is the most rewarding but also hardest thing I’ve […]