About me

About Me

Lindsay Ambrose is trained teacher in the Unified Mindfulness Program, an innovative form of mindfulness training developed by Shinzen Young. She likes that the simple, straight-forward lessons make Unified Mindfulness are easy to understand and just as easy to put into practice. She writes about her own experiences with mindfulness, conscious parenting, and intentional living as a mom of three young children on her blog and podcast EveryDayEveryMom. She is also co-writer of the book Peaceful Mama, The Mind, Body, & Baby Connection to be released early 2018. She is passionate about helping people integrate mindfulness into their days so they find greater meaning and fulfillment in their lives. She leads workshops and works one-on-one with people seeking to become more mindful, self-compassionate, and intentional. When we get more to life we inspire those around us to do so too – spreading more consciousness and compassion in our world.

About EveryDayEveryMom

Lindsay writes a blog and hosts a podcast called EveryDayEveryMom. She writes about how moms can practice mindfulness, positivity, and gratefulness in parenting to be more attentive to the fleeting moments with our children and actually grow ourselves through parenting.

Her podcast is focused on interviewing moms who share their life recipes and experiences in finding fulfillment across different areas of life. When we are filling ourselves up in life—health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, work—then we can give more to our families and be better parents. Lindsay loves sharing her experiences in mindful parenting and living and spreading compassion and encouragement among mothers so we can make our everyday moments more meaningful.



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