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Everyday looks different to every mom.

Becoming a parent can blossom every one of us into a more meaningful way of being, where we live with greater mindfulness, self-compassion, and intention.

EveryDayEveryMoment, we start fresh.

With every challenge, we can grow ourselves.

We can shift our perspective from ‘why me?’ to ‘what am I meant to learn here?’ From this place, we move through challenges with more ease and connect deeper within.

By connecting to our inner self, as our children do so beautifully, we too begin to follow our hearts, and awaken to a more intentional and conscious way of living.

We’re able to create a new story for ourselves, from HEART with our everyday practices in mindfulness, self-compassion, and positivity.

We pause, reconnect, and recenter so we are making everyday moments more meaningful and living our lives with intention and fulfillment.

Modeling to our children what it means to live a good life—to be kind, compassionate, loving, and growing ourselves everyday—so they go out into the world and do the same.

Together we’re getting better everyday knowing when we’re fulfilled, we give more to our children, and make our everyday moments more meaningful.

Life Recipes to feel more centered, positive, and fulfilled


Life recipes are practical methods and meditations that take the big concepts we know to be true but have trouble actually executing in our lives.

Life recipes break them down and make these concepts easier to understand and apply.

Just like food recipes break down how to make meals, life recipes break down how to live with more meaning and fulfillment across all the important areas of our life. Life recipes help us find meaning in our everyday and feel wholeness and harmony with our mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Step by step is how we accomplish anything and we all need little reminders and methods for how to tap in within, to our essence, and that’s what you’ll find here.

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Peaceful Mamas

In the book Peaceful Mama, the Mind, Body & Baby Connection, co-authors Lindsay Ambrose and Natalie Sager share the magic of what happens inside a woman when she brings a child into the world—the emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth—and how it can spring her into a more wholehearted, connected and peaceful way of living. This book contains a practical, flexible and focused method for mothers to honor themselves during this delicate time. By nourishing the mind, body and soul, a new mother can make herself a priority throughout the day to make motherhood a more beautiful experience. The pages of Peaceful Mama are filled with daily practices she can turn to whenever she needs a lift.

Interwoven with interviews featuring leading experts on all things holistic-mothering, Lindsay and Natalie’s method includes tools every mother needs to improve her well-being and raise her level of consciousness through a practical framework called MAMAHH Moments. Mothers can attain massive benefits in their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health when they begin to implement Mindfulness, Affirmation and Movement, and these tiny actions lead to major shifts in the life areas of Abundance, Health and Heart. From personal experience, the authors share how living this way creates a shift in perspective: “We become more present and notice the beauty in the everyday and we become more peaceful versions of ourselves. Love is the greatest gift we can give our children and it effortlessly flows from a Peaceful Mama. Our children become more conscious and compassionate from the love that fills their hearts and their homes. And, with that we hope to spread peace.”

Go to PeacefulMamas.com to learn more. Check out the book at Amazon.com

EDEM Podcast

We’re sharing our everyday practices and life recipes toward living with more fulfillment, intention, and love. 

On EDEM, moms from all walks of life share stories and life recipes toward finding fulfillment, following our hearts, and living everyday with more meaning and intention.

Also on EDEM are short 5-min Mama Moments. They are quick reminders for setting an intention for more mindfulness, self-compassion, and positivity in our day. They are reminders for us to pause, take a breath, reconnect, and recenter. When we are centered, we can better handle the ups and downs of our day and be a calm, loving presence for our children. The energy we give out matters and having little reminders and resets are helpful.

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About Me

Lindsay writes content on mindfulness and conscious living and parenting through her blog and podcast EveryDayEveryMom. She feels we all grow and connect through parenting—the ultimate humanizer. As we become more mindful, compassionate, and intentional, our parenting and our lives become more meaningful and fulfilling.

Most of her days are filled out and about playing, exploring and enjoying life as a wife and mother of three young children in Oak Park, IL. She spends her mornings and evenings writing, reading, podcasting, learning, and running and doing yoga as much as she can.

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