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Everyday looks different to every mom, but parenting can be a gateway for all of us to blossom deeper into ourselves and our purpose here.

With every life challenge—and with parenting there are many—we grow ourselves and lose the parts that aren’t serving us any more.

We’re meant to grow ourselves parenting, by connecting to ourselves and our children, follow our hearts, and awaken to a more intentional and conscious way of living.

We’re able to create a new story for ourselves, from HEART with our everyday practices in mindfulness, self-compassion, and positivity.

We pause, reconnect, and recenter so we are making everyday moments more meaningful and living our lives with intention and fulfillment.

Modeling to our children what it means to live a good life—to be kind, compassionate, loving, and growing ourselves everyday.

Together we’re getting better everyday knowing when we’re fulfilled, we give more to our children, and make our everyday moments more meaningful.

EDEM Podcast

We’re sharing our everyday practices and life recipes toward living with more fulfillment, intention, and love. 

On EDEM, I interview mamas who are finding fulfillment in different areas of life—health, career, relationships, marriage, spirituality, abundance—and finding this fulfillment is helping them feel better about their parenting. We share our stories and life recipes toward finding fulfillment, following our hearts, and living everyday with more meaning and intention.

Also on EDEM are short 5-min Mama Moments. They are quick reminders for setting an intention for more mindfulness, self-compassion, and positivity in our day. They are reminders for us to pause, take a breath, reconnect, and recenter. When we are centered, we can better handle the ups and downs of our day and be a calm, loving presence for our children. The energy we give out matters and having little reminders and resets are helpful.

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Life Recipes

We’re meant to do this parenting thing together. It takes a village and we need to be there for each other. So life recipes are our own tried and true secrets in simple easy-to-follow formulas called life Recipes. The stuff that is actually working. We share it with others because this may be the very thing some other mama may be struggling with.

There is this misconception in motherhood that we are meant to do it all, and do it perfectly. And lt’s crazy. This is where we share resources and life recipes so we can get help and do more od what we are good at and get help for the areas that aren’t our thing.

Life recipes comes from mamas across all walks of life. They are simple formulas for creating more meaning in our day across all the different areas of our life—health, abundance, relationships, spirituality, career., and parenting It’s all interconnected. When there is lack in one area, the other areas feel it.

We need to grow through parenting and that means sharing with one another what is working and what’s not and inspiring and encouraging.

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Peaceful Mamas

Join us for the Peaceful Mamas workshop where we reflect on the mama we want to be, know we can be, but don’t always have the tools and time to actually be.We’ll learn about self-compassion to accept ourselves where we are now and mindfulness and positivity to move us along with more intention and consciousness. Through visualization and reflection, we’ll learn tools to incorporate mindful living and conscious parenting into your day with just a few moments so you can reconnect and recenter to your peaceful self.

Look out for the book Peaceful Mama, the mind, body, baby connection set to launch early Fall 2017! Learn more at PeacefulMamas.com.

About Me

Lindsay writes content on mindfulness and conscious living and parenting through her blog and podcast EveryDayEveryMom. She feels we all grow and connect through parenting—the ultimate humanizer. Parenting teaches us to be more mindful, compassionate, and grateful. Inspiring us to make everyday more meaningful for ourselves and our families.

Most of her days are filled out and about playing, exploring and enjoying life as a wife and mother of three young children in Oak Park, IL. She spends her mornings and evenings writing, reading, podcasting, learning, and running/doing yoga as much as she can.

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About Me

Lindsay is wife and mama of 3 who is passionate about letting mindful being and conscious parenting be our way to connect more with our children and make everyday moments together more meaningful and joyful.