Wishing you a day of presence with all the family time, gathering, food and fun

Happy Thanksgiving.

My wish for this thanksgiving is presence, to accept myself and others fully, and really enjoy the food, the gathering, family time, and fun.

I’ve gone through too many special holidays without really being there. Lost in expectations instead of what is, thoughts over food not being prepared quite right or being late or not wearing or saying the right thing, or  worrying about the socializing aspect or my children’s behavior instead of just being present and actually connecting.

When we’re present, we can be full of love, kindness, and gratefulness.

This Thanksgiving, I am feeling especially blessed for my own health—body, mind, and spirit—as I spent some time at the bed of my Uncle who is close to passing. He suffered a brain injury in 2006 that has left him without a functioning body and mind for ten years.

It’s been so hard to see his quality of life decline so low over the past few years that his passing is a true blessing. He is off to live a better life and be an angel to all of us.

I don’t mean this to be a sad note. I want it to be one of joy—where we can look at all we have—and be so grateful.

We have a lot, every one of us. And we can embrace that today. We shouldn’t need the thought of something tragic to spark us into really living and lovng our lives this moment. We can have all the plans in the world, but this moment is all we really have.

When we’re present, we can see our lives through the lens of gratefulness.

We can fully accept our family—trusting we are all doing the best we can in each moment.

We can accept others fully when we realize everyone’s journey and ‘best’ looks different  We just need to accept and love and enjoy each moment. That is our best.

Wishing you a day of presence with all the family, gathering, food and fun.

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With gratitude.
It’s a dream for me to grow a community and write around living and parenting more mindfully and meaningfully. It’s a process – daily reminders help me to be more authentic and present and let go of the thoughts that are weighing me down and preventing me from feeling joy from my children. I hope sharing my experiences will help give you some tools to make your day better too!

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Remember, you are doing your best right now and your best is enough.
You are the exact mom your child needs, so be beautiful you! We can move forward once we accept ourselves fully. When we accept ourselves, we can accept others and act out of kindness and love.


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