Why mindset matters and how to make a shift

I go back to that book Little Engine That Could a lot with my kids. Whenever they are doing something new or hard or having trouble. I remind them to say to themselves, “I think I can, I think I can.” It’s a silly reminder but so true.

Our mindset, the way we think and set of beliefs we hold, is important. It determines our attitude, outlook, and even our outcome.

We have to connect inside and examine the beliefs we are holding. Which ones are serving us which ones are not? Then we can create new beliefs. Create a new story for ourselves.

Each moment is an opportunity to start fresh. We are the only ones that are holding on to the stories and beliefs about our-self from the past.

There is one thing we are in control of—our minds. No person or experience can take that from us. We choose how we are going think about our experiences. We can choose differently.

We can shift our mindset and it’s all about practice. The more we shift to a more positive way of thinking, the easier it becomes.

Our mind will continue to repeat old patterns into new ones are formed.

Life Recipe: How to create a mindset shift


  1. Phone or journal to take notes
  2. Patience and kindness with yourself



  1. Choose one area of your life where you are experiencing some discontent (i.e., Parenting, Health and Fitness, Work, Relationships, Spirituality, Prosperity). Start with one and eventually move on to create new intentions in any area that you want to improve.
  2. Set an intention for the way you want to feel about this area, what beliefs you want to have about this. Write it in your journal or in the notes section on your phone. Be really clear about what you want. What it feels like, looks like.
  3. Now, think about one simple step you can take in alignment with that intention.
  4. Say your intention back to yourself in the morning and other times during the day as needed.
  5. Be kind to yourself whenever you slip into your old negative thinking pattern, against your new intention.
  6. Having awareness is a great first step. Positively reinforce the awareness you brought in.
  7. Next, take a moment to pause, breathe, reconnect to your intention, and recenter in that thinking.
  8. Continue doing this throughout the day whenever you need to reset.
  9. Reflect each evening on positive action that you took and how your mindset shift helped and what resulted.
  10. Set a goal to take another step when you are up for it at a frequency that works for you, daily, weekly
  11. Positively reinforce and celebrate any successes in the evening.
  12. Start again fresh the next day by saying your intention and taking a first step.
 It takes practice, just like anything. We have to set our intention and practice, train our brain to think differently than it has. We’re wired and conditioned to think one way – but we can change.

We’re meant to continually be evolving and growing. We’re also meant to be feeling peace and fulfillment and joy. We have to choose.

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Reflection to try this week: 

Make a mindset shift in one area of your life. Follow the steps above. Be kind to yourself. You’ll make mistakes and slip up. Just keep bringing yourself back by pausing, breathing, and reconnecting with your intention. Share your new intention with the EDEM community if you want some accountability.

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