When our children test us – test yourself to be in the moment and react lovingly

I think I hear it almost daily from other moms and grandparents and store clerks that “these days go too fast, enjoy them.” More often than not it is at a time when I am trying to get through the grocery line as fast as I can while my one-year old is exercising her new ability to shriek and my three-year old has scooped up so many random things and placed them in my cart and I’m deciding how many I can give back to the store clerk without him thinking I’m a completely incapable mother.

These car carts are not as fun as they look- try swinging this around the produce area when its busy.

These car carts are not as fun as they look- try swinging this around the produce area when its busy.

It is hard in this moment to appreciate what he is telling me and truly enjoy the chaos, but I try. I thank him for the reminder because it is easy to forget how precious these days are. I try to be my best every day. I try to be present, let go of the expectations and just enjoy it. But it is hard.

Our children test us, many times every day, but we choose how to react.

I choose whether to react lovingly or negatively to the challenges my children give me. I don’t want to look back on these years and feel I wasn’t there for it. Too worried about what the store clerk thinks of me instead of what I feel for myself and what my children feel for me. I know that these moments with my young children are precious and going by too fast. They are only this young, vibrant, this full of light for so long.

Next time I am tested beyond my limits, I’ll try to be thankful for the children in front of me and for the challenge they are giving me and try to react lovingly.

Smoothie and white shirt

Purple smoothie on white shirt.

I will try to see the beauty in the chaos and remind myself to appreciate what is in front of me. I’ll try to see the love behind the melt-down that Calvin is having in the store. I know there will be a time, when I am behind a family like mine at the check-out line and I’ll be saying the same thing “these days go by too fast, enjoy them.” And as I’m saying and I’ll wish to have it back. So I’ll try now in this moment to overlook the crazy and just appreciate the beauty and love in it all. I’ll take the lead from my children, look into their bright eyes and be reminded that all I have is this moment and I can choose to see love in it, like they do. I’m promised nothing more than this moment, so why see it any other way than with love?

How do you remind yourself to be in the moment at see the good in the moments you are tested to your limits?