We are all moms – whether we work inside the house or outside

I admire those moms who have found a career outside the home that they love—who can be living their life’s passion while also experiencing the joy that having children brings. There is something out there that brings out your best self and fills you up. I believe if you are doing what you love every day, you will get better at it, it will make you happy and you will bring more happiness to others just by doing it. For some people, that will be at home with their children. For others that will be at places outside their home.


There are so many false beliefs out there around working inside or outside the home.

We all need to accept that working inside or outside the house is unique to each person. If you are inside your house working with your children every day but your heart is some place else, you won’t be happy and you won’t be able to give your children the love and positivity they need to grow and thrive. You deserve to follow your heart. If you are out doing what you are passionate at, then you can come home after and give your children your full wonderful self.

It is important to find a wonderful nurturing place for your children when you aren’t with them.

It is a beautiful thing that there are many people out there whose passion is being with children. Being with children enlivens them and fills them up. You want your children to be in that type of environment when you aren’t with them. But you shouldn’t feel guilty or bad about that decision. That is absolutely the best thing you can do for your children.

When I was deciding whether to stay home with my children or go back to work, someone told me, “kids are resilient, they will do just fine whether they are with you all day or not. But are you okay with not being with them?” And if that answer is yes. Then continue working on that thing that you love.

Follow your heart. When you are happy doing what you do every day, you are making a contribution to others by the positive energy and light you are exerting out into the world.

I knew in my heart that being home with children was my passion. I truly love being around children. I am my best in the role of mother and teacher and homemaker. The love that bursts from children absolutely fills me up. It brings out my best self, it emboldens me, and sparks my own creativity. I love being at home helping them explore, experiencing nature and play, and creating with them.

So for me when I had to keep working after we had our first child, it truly tore me up inside. I wanted more than anything to be home with Calvin. But I knew we needed the extra income at that time. So we found the most wonderful daycare center for my son. He loved it there and we loved the people and environment that he was in. And I worked so that we could save money to create the best environment at home for Calvin, we saved enough to buy a house.

Then when we had our second child Lucy, and we were in a position to let me stay home. Of course we had to make some sacrifices in going from two incomes to one—we don’t eat out as much, we no longer have a house cleaner, and I am able to do some part-time work from home in the evenings and during nap time to earn a little extra income. For us it is worth it, l love being home with our small children and we are making it work. I feel right now it is the best use of my talents and I am making the biggest contribution I can to others.

I needed to be do something that brought out my best self. I needed to use my unique talents to contribute to others—for me, it was at home with my children.

We all have different talents and dreams and for some that is working inside the house and for others that is working outside. One is no better than the other. The best thing is that we are following our heart and doing the thing that we love most. When we are happy and fulfilled, our children are soaking up that positivity and love. We are models for our children, when we are at our best or at our worst. Being our best brings out the best in our children. It enables them to thrive.

So follow your heart and do what makes most sense for you. And let’s just accept that looks different for everyone. We are still moms – whether we work inside or outside.

Do you feel content with your career/mom balance now?

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