Struggling with weight, making a shift, gaining back energy and so much more – EDEM ep. 38 with Shanna O’Brien

The idea of giving ourselves up when become mothers doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because first we have to take care of ourselves, then we can help others. We’re only as good as how we feel inside, our energy level, our mindset.

Meet Shanna O’Brien, mom of 3 who talks candidly about her struggle with losing weight, feeling unhappy, and just waiting for her days to end. She was looking on Facebook wondering why her life was such a mess when everyone else looked like they had it all together.

Then she made a shift. She started a nutritional cleansing program called Isagenix for weight loss and increased energy.

She lost the weight but she gained so much more. She learned that her weight struggle wasn’t about the weight at all, it never is.

She got deeper and her life is different now. She shares what it feels like to wake up happy. To have alignment in her life where she is the same person at work as at home as with her friends. It all blends.

We learn about the importance of nutrition and what a shift in diet did for her family. She noticed changes in her husband’s energy level and saw their relationship improve. She saw behavioral changes in her children, including two with autism. She can look back now and see how her anxiety impacted her whole family, how they fed off one another.

She realized motherhood isn’t about looking perfect and having it all put together. It’s about creating a life that works for you and embracing the messy and chaotic. 

What matters at the end of the day is if you and your family are feeling happy. Not happy in the picture posted to Facebook, but happy inside. For Shanna happiness is taking care of herself, her relationships, and helping others in a way she never thought she would.

You’ll love hearing Shanna’s story of following her heart and having her whole family feel and appreciate a shift in their home from her leap of faith.

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Life Recipe: Take Care of yourself first

Just like on an airplane, you have to put your oxygen mask on first on before you can help put anyone else’s mask on. We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others.

Being a mom is hard work. The greatest thing. But you’re only as good as your energy, how you feel, your mindset. Motherhood shouldn’t hurt. It should be a happy time of your life. You have to make it that way and create it as your own. When you feel good inside you make better choices for yourself.

Books we discussed

Clean by Alejandro Junger

Miracle Morning for Transforming your Relationship by Hal Elrod, Stacy and Paul Martino and Honoree Corder

About Shanna

Shanna O’Brien is a married mom of 3, ages 4, 4 & 1. She is a native Oak Parker and while she left for a bit, she is back again, stirring things up. Shanna earned her BS at Western Illinois, and went on to receive her MSW at Loyola University. She taught special education at CPS & Melrose Park for years, and later stepped into adoption social work. Currently, Shanna is a professional network marketer at Isagenix and is freeing people from physical and financial pain. She thinks mommying while running a business is frustrating, chaotic & messy, but overwhelmingly fun.

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