Showing appreciation and love through touch – a good start to the day for my children and me

Right when my children wake up from their sleep is one of my favorite times. Of course there are some mornings when I hear that “mama” call too early. I’m usually up already because the early morning has become my me-time. But even when the morning starts earlier than I would like, I go in and spend a few minutes with each of them as they are waking up. Just giving them a hug and cuddle or rubbing their back and asking them how their sleep was brightens my morning and lightens my mood.

The power of touch is so strong

Calvin gives Lucy a morning hug

Calvin gives Lucy a morning hug

Not only is this morning ritual a good start of the day for me, I’ve read that a mother’s touch enhances attachment between mother and child, and generates feelings of security and positive emotion for a child. I feel that devoting a few moments together before we jump into our morning routine helps to show my children that they are appreciated, loved, and important.

Hurried mornings make morning cuddles hard

We have had many mornings where we were completely rushed. We were trying to get out the door early and I wasn’t able to give my children this important wake-up time. My children sense the rush, the hurry, the stress and their mood often reflects that. I realize it only takes a couple minutes to give them some time in the morning and it’s worth it, even on the busy mornings.

Touch transcends to my relationship with my husband

In the busyness of our life, I sometimes need to remind myself to show my appreciation to my husband as well in this way. I try to remember to give him an unexpected kiss or hold his hand and acknowledge the good things he has done for me because it makes our connection stronger. On the crazy days, it helps me remember that our relationship is the most important and I can use simple touch to show how much I appreciate and love him.

Touch is the first sense and seems to be more natural for children than adults

Being around little children more has made me realize how important touch is for them and me. Little ones aren’t afraid of touch. There have been times when Calvin sensed I was having a rough time and he’ll touch my arm and say “don’t be sad, mommy.” Giving a nice gentle touch is a natural reaction but I feel like we lose it a bit as we get older and become more guarded. That is why I’ll need to remind myself, as my children grow older, of the importance of touch and using it to show them my love and appreciation. I know with their heightened emotions and growing independence it will be hard, but I will try to continue my rituals of wake-up time with my children as they get older, so I can ensure we have that connection at the start of each day.

Telling my children each morning how much I appreciate and love them with a hug and cuddle is a beautiful start to the day for me and them.

Do you have any rituals each day that help you express gratitude/appreciation for the people you love?

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