Sharing life recipes for making EveryDay moments more meaningful for the EveryMom.

Life as a mom is full. We aren’t just moms, we’re much more like homemakers, nurturers, organizers, wives, colleagues, sisters, and daughters. At the root of all of these roles is who we are as people. We can only be as good for others as we are to ourselves.

I want my life as a mom to be fulfilling, not just full.

In my first week as a mom, I reflected that being a mom is absolutely the most challenging yet joyful thing I’ve ever done. That still holds true today, four years later, as a mom of three children now. Here are four big things I’ve learned:

  1. Being a mom isn’t about being perfect, its about being present. And seeing each experience with our children as an opportunity to grow and evolve as a person. Letting go of what happened and starting fresh with each moment. Kind of like what happens when you had a really rough night with your newborn and you honestly think this isn’t for you, you’re not cut out for this parenting thing. Then in the morning, you see that little sweet baby lying peacefully in the crib sleeping and you forget about all the struggles from the night before. Its about learning from those rough and beautiful experiences becoming a better person from it. Being more conscious, living with purpose. Not just for yourself but for this little human that watches everything you do.
  2. Parenting has the uniquely amazing ability to bring out the parts in you that really need to grow. We just have to be conscious of it. Whether its frustration from a restless night teaching me patience, annoyance from a meltdown reminding me to slow down, or anger from another potty accident teaching me acceptance that my children will learn at their own pace and not by the expectations I set for them. That shift in perspective is how we make it through the harder moments and better appreciate the beautiful moments.
  3. I can create positive habits across all areas of my life by making small changes everyday through Life Recipes,that make me more conscious, gracious, and loving. Just as cooking recipes make making meals more enjoyable, life recipes make living more meaningful. There are little things I can do everyday to get through the tough moments faster so I can create more meaning and more joy.
  4. Being a part of a community of other other moms that I can share experiences with, learn from, and laugh with, makes everyday better.

This site is about making EveryDay moments more meaningful for the EveryMom.

What is the EveryDay?

EveryDay we fill our life up with different experiences as we make our own life stories. Some things make us better by helping us evolve and some things take us away. How we react to everything that comes our way is a result of the choices we make everyday. It is everything from health to career to relationships to spirit and everything in between.

I believe strength in parenting comes from feeling fulfilled in all other aspects of your life. Fulfillment looks different for every person and we all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to finding that fulfillment. EveryDay posts are tips, strategies and stories across all of these different life areas that contribute to make us better people, and in turn, better moms. Children learn the most from example so living an authentic, meaningful life is the best way to teach our children how to live a life with those same values.

What is the EveryMom?

When it comes to parenting, we all experience many of the same things. It doesn’t matter if we have plenty or little, work at home or away, have one child or five, parenting is the ultimate humanizer. Children bring us unimaginable joy one moment. In the next, they can challenge us in ways we didn’t think were possible. When we learn something or try a strategy that works, why not share it with another mom? On EveryDayEveryMom, you will find life recipes around finding more meaning in parenting. Easy-to-follow formulas for taking the small steps that can lead to big positive changes in your life, and in turn the lives of our children.

EveryDay is better when I’m in community with others.

My days got better once I started connecting with other moms. I think we can all learn from each other. We can’t do everything well when it comes to parenting. But there are certain things each of us do very well. So let’s share our Life Recipes about what is working so we can make another mom’s day lighter or brighter. Everything from potty training to packing lunches to soothing nighttime-wakers to getting out the door in the morning to winter workout ideas. If you are doing something that is working, this is a place to share it. Because what we give to others comes back to us and that makes us all better. And when we are better, so are our children.

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