Self-acceptance, self-care, and creating the unique life balance that’s right for you – EDEM no. 23 with Lindsey Monroe

You are enough, right now. How would our days be different if this was the core message moms heard? We accept our whole self, knowing we are doing the best can in this moment. We realize our best is different from every other person’s best so we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and no longer give in to thoughts of judgement and comparison of ourselves and others.

Meet Lindsey Monroe, mother of two boys, birth doula and photographer, who is feeling fulfilled because she found a balance that works for her. She’s learned to lean into the chaos of her life right now with young children and her own business. She realizes that ‘balance’ looks a little different for each of us and changes day-to-day.

She didn’t always feel this way. She had lost herself a bit in her career, caring for her boys, and comparing herself to others as so many of us do. Taking a little time for herself again gave her clarity around the things in her life that were out of balance and needed attention and change. The changes she needed came from her own intuition, but she had to make time to hear it.

Lindsey shares how taking time for herself enabled her to start believing in herself again and make better choices for her and her family—without comparing or measuring herself to others. She shares a life recipe how we can prioritize self-care into our day.

Thanks for joining us as we hear Lindsey’s story of self-acceptance, self-care, and growing into the unique life balance that’s right for you.

Topics in this podcast include:

  • Starting a new career
  • Hurdles of having a second child
  • Road trips with young kids
  • Scheduling time for yourself
  • Being intentional with your time
  • Doing the things that make you ‘feel like you’

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Quotes from Podcast from Lindsey

“I prioritize self-care – when I am doing anything to help myself feel like me – things just run more smoothly.”

“Do I leave my super structured, secure job where I see a really clear path forward that provided a lot of security for my family—but not feeling any fulfillment?”

“If I’m going to be away from my baby,  it better be something I’m really passionate about, that I feel great about..”

Life recipe: Making Self-Care a Priority


  • Calendar (electronic or hand-written)
  • Pen
  • Just a little bit of time


Choose 2 or 3 things that make YOU feel like YOU…things that simply make you feel good. Carve out time on your calendar to do those things once a month. Write them down, commit yourself, and follow through. My three things for this last month was my hair (I spent 2 hours in a salon sipping wine and reading trashy Hollywood magazines), spending an entire day with an old friend & listening to my first audio book. It’s amazing how different we can feel when we put a small amount of effort back into ourselves. Do it, I promise you won’t regret it!

Books we discussed

Carry on Warrior, by Glennon Doyle. Great book that is truthful that motherhood is really hard. Embraces the idea that ‘you have to be perfect.’

About Lindsey

Lindsey Monroe is a mother to two, wife, sister, birth doula & photographer in Chicago, Illinois. When Lindsey isn’t chasing after little boys, she is most often found either supporting or documenting new mothers and families as they journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Lindsey is co-founder of The Birth Boutique that launched in January of 2016.

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