Rushing less and relaxing more through mealtimes, potty training, and life—EDEM Story with Jess Bedsole

She changed her tone, her language, and her expectations with her son and now he listens and responds better. The shift came from reading oh crap! potty training. She did potty train but more importantly—she uncovered a simple way to relax and it positively changed their relationship.

She still faces challenges—especially with balancing her time and energy evenly among her toddler and new baby. She’s beginning to let go of that feeling that success with one means failure with the other. This comes from a shift in perspective.

She starts every morning and ends every night with thoughts about all the things she is grateful for. This daily practice allows feelings of gratefulness to outweigh all the little challenges she encounters so she gets through them with more calm.

She has come to accept that everything takes longer with two young children—especially during potty training—and from this acceptance, she’s learned not to rush through it. Rushing does nothing but build stress. She never wants to live her day rushing to bedtime.

She’s passionate about feeding her family nourishing meals. She shares some wonderful tips around budget-friendly meal planning, stress-free grocery shopping, and baby led weaning. She talks about her active instagram community appropriately called whatIfeedmykid.

You’ll hear many wonderful insights as we get a glimpse into our everydaymom, Jess Bedsole, a mom of a toddler and a baby who is passionate about what she feeds her kids as well as relaxing and appreciating more everyday.

Life Recipe: Relax

Ingredients: None

Method: Start your day and end your day by laying in bed and counting to 15 or thinking about the things you are grateful for. You’ll take those moments of quiet or thoughts of appreciation with you throughout the day. In every moment when you are feeling frustrated or angry. Think back to all those things you are thankful for, all the blessings in your life. Whatever it is—your home, your healthy children, your network of friends, food on your table—think about the good things before you start your day and end your night. “Relax though every stressful moment of the day so you can get through it and enjoy it.” – Jess Bedsole

Quotations from Jess the interview

With a two-year old there is no asking, you need to tell them what you want. Every question invites an argument. When I learned to change my language and my expectations—not a demeaning or rude way—everything changed for the better.

Simple changes in my language and my tone completely changes how my toddler responds.

With potty training, I built it up too much the first time. I realized this is not a big deal. This is something he’ll learn to do. If you can teach a dog to go outside and pee, you can teach a child to use a toilet.

Learning to do things for both children and evenly distribute my time and respect and enthusiasm is tough. I feel like if I’m succeeding with one, I’m failing with the other. If I’m upset with one, how can I not be upset with the other? I’m trying to patent with both and be the best mom I can be.

Learning every single day has some kind of a blessing. And not rushing through the day to just get to bedtime is what’s driving me right now.

Books we talked about

Oh Crap, potty training.  Jess said, It completely turned my parenting upside down on its head and corkscrewed. Changed my language. Changed my expectations with him. Changed my relationship with him. I’ve learned to relax. Changed my tone. And he listens and he responds.


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Jess Bedsole

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