Rise a little earlier to uplift your day

If you are looking for more meaning or energy or just some uninterrupted time for you, set your alarm a little earlier every morning. Even if it’s just 15 minutes. Start your day in a different way.

The moment the alarm goes off that is the hardest. But you do it once, then twice, and then it becomes a habit and, you won’t regret it.

It may not be possible every day. Sometimes you need that morning sleep, especially when you have a night of unexpected wake-ups with your little one. But just make it a goal if you are looking for more energy and meaning. Here are some simple steps to try it yourself.

Life recipe for Rising Early

Life recipes are simple steps we can take to make the big and little moments of everyday more meaningful. Tiny steps lead to big change.

What you need:

  1. Your phone or alarm clock (set to good music instead of that awful buzz)
  2. Something that makes you happy set out and ready for you to pick up first thing (book, coffee, yoga mat, journal for writing, whatever it is)

How to do it:

When your alarm sounds, get up. Wash your face, go to the bathroom, drink some water. Do whatever can help you get up. Then do something you enjoy. For me, I have a book and I read for 15 minutes. That gets me up and I follow a routine after that. I do some writing. Writing helps me set the tone for the day. I write about things I am grateful for, my goals, what I am worrying about. Anything that can get thoughts out of my head and on to paper is helpful. You may find a little bit of meditation or visualization helpful then. Finally, do some movement if you can. I either go for a run or do some yoga.

Having dedicated time for yourself first thing is the best start to the day.

The quiet, calm time is something I look forward to now. And I believe that positive energy lasts with me through my long busy wild days at home with three under four. It is so nice to greet my children and the day with positivity. My mood flows to the whole family.

If the morning really isn’t for you, find another time during the day that is good for you.

Having dedicated time for yourself is so important as our days become so busy doing things for everybody and everything. We can’t fully give to others in an authentic and loving way unless we are filled up ourselves.

There is a lot of reading around rising early. One book that I have read and recommend highly is Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.



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