Preparing for the arrival of our third baby – a little different than our first and second

When you have spent the last nine months thinking about the little person inside you, it is so wonderful to know that you will finally be meeting him or her. I wonder if it’s a boy or girl, the temperament, what he or she will look and feel like. I am ready to move beyond pregnancy and finally get to know this little person who will change our family forever.

The preparation is a little different with the birth of each new child.

With your first baby, you spend so much time thinking of all the things they need and the enormous adjustment of putting someone else before yourself. With a second child,  you think how can I possibly divide my love and energy between two. I realize now as I’m about to have my third, it’s not about dividing your love, it’s about expanding it to even greater levels than you dreamed possible.

In the first weeks with a newborn, you seem to find this untapped energy that you just didn’t have before.

Preparing for a new baby is one of the greatest moments in life.

Preparing for a new baby is one of the greatest moments in life.

Somehow you are able to feed and care for this baby all day and night. You survive on less sleep than you ever had. I think its party due to those beautiful moments with a newborn, their little coos, the sweet eyes that look up at you, a little smile they let out. These beautiful moments make you forget all of the hard things and enable you to put everything else aside and do more than you ever thought you could.

I have felt throughout my pregnancy with two small children at home, I somehow found energy to care for them while still caring for myself and the baby growing inside me. So I trust when this new baby comes, I will be able to push through the late-night feedings, long nursing sessions, and everything else, while still being the best mom I can be to Calvin and Lucy. It will be hard and I’ll depend on my wonderful husband and all the friends and family who will lend their hands and help us because we will need it. But I will have to trust myself and believe I can do it, especially in those times when I am tested and start to think that I can’t.

One good thing with expecting your third child, is that you know a little more of what to expect.

With your first, everything is so new, especially all of the physical caring for a baby—and that makes it so hard. With the third, that part doesn’t worry me as much. I worry more about how I’ll manage three and what type of baby this will be. All children are different, each one has their own strengths, talents, struggles and as a parent you have to adjust for each one to best care for them. But I’m grateful I know now that I can handle whatever comes my way.

So as we prepare for the third baby we will meet tomorrow, I feel blessed that I will get to share the experience with our other two children.

Meeting their little brother or sister will change their lives forever, for the better. There will be tough times, but I also know the joy and new perspectives we all will gain will make it all worthwhile. Because that is what children do, they bring so much joy, presence, and love to your life. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, especially on hard days, but I know the times of joy will exponentially outweigh the hard times.

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  1. Molly Reply

    We can’t wait to meet the next little one! No doubt in my mind you will kill at being a mother to this new one as you have with the two others. I will just sit back and take notes. 😉

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