Playing full out—living a more fully engaged, confident, joyful and  fulfilling life – EDEM ep. 40 with Rita Hyland

What if the story in our own head, that drives the choices we make day-to-day isn’t serving us or is even against us?

How could asking different questions begin to shift that storyline:

  • What am I supposed to see and learn here instead of dwelling in ‘why me’? 
  • How is this actually working for me right now instead of focusing only on what’s not working? 
  • Can I find the humor in the craziness of this, knowing that nobody said it was going to be perfect all the time?

How would life be different if we shifted our perspective to believe that everything is actually happening in our life to support us in our evolution. Wouldn’t we get through the tough stuff with more calm and trust and better savor the good stuff.

Meet Rita Hyland, mom of three, who made this shift and now helps others do the same. She was a financial executive who had every success by the traditional standards, on the outside. But inside, she was unhappy.

The depth of her unhappiness lead to a health issue that sparked her to begin creating a new path.

Seventeen years later she is living the dream she once had for herself as a mom, entrepreneur, speaker, and life coach. She strives to see her life right now with gratitude knowing it was a dream she once had while balancing the desire to continue to grow and progress.

She calls it playing full out—living a more fully engaged, confident, joyful and fulfilling life based on what matters most to you—not for others, for you.

Join us for an insightful conversation with Rita who reminds us that our life isn’t a dress rehearsal. It’s now and when we’re tuned into what supports us in being the highest version of ourselves—we’re really showing up in our life and that’s when it becomes more fun.

Listen now:

Life Recipe:  Calmer Living in a Hectic World

a. Schedule your ‘white space.’  Whether it’s a date night, two hours alone, or taking a bath—schedule it in the calendar so you look forward to it.  If you are in an office, only schedule lunches with others every other day keeping the other three days to read, take a walk, journal and enjoy being with yourself.   

b. Create a trickle down effect: bring joy to your life every day. Ask yourself, “what will bring me joy today?”  Then act on it.  When we are happy, science shows that we are at more intelligent, more creative, better problem solvers, stronger, resilient, and the list goes on.  Not only then are we models of generating the joy, we are better able to support our kids, spouses, communities and the organizations we lead.

c. Set Boundaries and stick to them.  Ask what is best for you, and follow it.  Because if it is best for you, it is always best for others.

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About Rita

Rita helps passionate professionals and driven employees break through the personal and professional barriers in a hectic world that are preventing them from leading their optimal life at work and home.

She helps individuals unleash dormant reserves of energy, potential, and leadership so that that they can quickly transform their work, relationships, and home life into ones they love.

As a change agent, Rita is known for moving individuals’ lives from fine to fabulous within months instead of years.

She helps her clients transition into their ideal career, amplify their leadership, increase their income, create stellar health and enhance important relationships.

Her clients get more than what they want, using a process Rita calls Playing Full Out™. It’s the practice of deliberately and consistently living one’s optimal vision of life and work.

Playing Full Out Living is the on-going feeling of being fully engaged, joyful, confident, and fulfilled that comes from consistently living your personal truth, stepping into your full potential, and loving the life you lead.

Rita’s philosophy is that life only gets as good as you can stand it. She helps her clients condition for sustainable success, raise their happiness threshhold, and think bigger about who they are and their contribution to world.

Rita has a gift for business and spiritual transformation that helps her clients experience life-transforming change and real results.

Rita is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, wife, and mother of three active children. She knows personally the challenges of the many roles we have in today’s complex and hectic world. She’s made enough mistakes to stand by her conviction that in every moment we have the power to overcome challenges and make a difference as we create the business, work and home life we want.

She loves running, yoga, spinning, laughing, aha moments, breakthroughs, and all things that help her shatter self-imposed limitations. She has an insatiable appetite and expertise for learning about changing human behavior, brain science, leadership and spirituality. She has a nightstand of reading that reflects this first-love.

Added content:

This is an especially meaningful conversation for me.

You’ll see there is a break between this podcast episode and the last one I posted, months.

This conversation sparked me to think about my own path and become more intentional about my next step.

As a stay-at-home mom, I am blessed with the opportunity to be with my kids most of the day. And to take my free time in the evenings, mornings and during nap times, to follow my heart ad do work that is meaningful to me. That lead me to start a blog and create this podcast. Through this podcast, I’ve connected with a lot of amazing people and learned so much. I realized that I needed to think about contributing my family. And making this work not just a hobby but something sustainable. One that will enable me to begin playing full out— in a more confident, engaged, and fulfilling way.

Here’s where I am at:

After interviewing Natalie Sager – episode 23, a holistic health coach and mama who shares a similar passion of helping mamas blossom and grow through motherhood, we decided to begin collaborating.

You see I learned that 1+1=8 and that’s been so true for me in this case. Working with Natalie, we are able to offer so much more to moms than I am able to do on my own.

We decided to compile all of our experiences and knowledge along with research and interviews we conducted with leading experts into a book called Peaceful Mama, the mind, body, & baby connection and community at It’s a framework to help us not just survive parenting but grow though it, blossoming into a more wholehearted version of ourselves and creating a home filled with compassion, love, and joy to give our children the wings to fly. 

There will be a podcast over on Peaceful Mamas too. We’ll be interviewing experts and moms who were in our book who have so much to share that can help all of us be more conscious productive, and grateful at the end of each day. Everything will be launching in May. In order to be one of the first to know about the book, podcast, and community, go over to Peaceful Mamas and join our tribe. and what’s going on behind the scenes with the book, and join our email list.

I’ve also taken time to strengthen my skills to better show up in my own life including Mindfulness Training and training to become a Postpartum doula to help moms in a more engaged passionate way. So there is more to me to come

I am sharing this with you now because my conversation with Rita really sparked my desire to think about my path. I am so grateful for EveryDayEveryMom and what it created for me. That is how I met Natalie, whom I wrote the book with.

Check out my next post as well to share something else with you that helps you see how amazingly this path opened up once I began to meditate and become more intentional.

Small things done everyday. Small actions everyday take the ball into a new direction and find peace with what I am doing.

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