Peaceful Mama Book and Podcast

Let us give you the tools unleash

your own version of peace.

It’s within you.

See how MAMAHH Moments—Mindfulness, Affirmation, Movement, Abundance, Health, and Heart—can spring you into a more wholehearted, connected, peaceful and SOULFUL way of being.

Our book gives you the framework to let go of the overwhelm, guilt, and comparison and find your inner peace and fulfillment in motherhood and life.

“A wonderful guide that provides insights, support, inspiration and practical tools to be a more whole, loving, connected, present, and happy mother.”
—Review from reader

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The Book

  • Learn about the changes we go through mind, body, and soul from two moms who are in it
  • Get practical tools and guidance to find your new normal
  • Learn about the  MAMAHH Moments framework
  • Access curated wisdom from over 20 experts.
  • Amazon’s top new release in Pregnancy & Childbirth

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The Podcast

  • Sharing tools, sage advice and authenticity to help Mamas (and Papas) find their own version of peace. The Peaceful Mama podcast includes engaging interviews with everyday experts who share their story of finding peace with themselves and how that flowed positively into their work, relationships, home, and more.

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