Six ways moms can encourage each other everyday

We all have to make some time in our day to do something we love, something that fills us up beyond parenting.

Making time for the things we love takes planning and some courage.

Planning to carve time in an already full day. Courage to trust ourselves and value ourselves enough to make the time.

As mothers, we should encourage each other in figuring these things out. Encourage is defined as inspiring courage. Connecting with other mothers is a way to inspire courage in each of us.

Six ways moms can encourage each other everyday

  1. Accept our differences and let go of the guilt that disconnects us. We are all on different paths and doing the best we can. Everyone’s best is different and changes moment-to-moment, especially when it comes to motherhood.
  2. Be compassionate and help out another mom whenever you feel called to. Lend a hand. Give words of encouragement. Reach out to someone who seems disconnected.
  3. Ask for help when you need it. The best way to gain a friend is to ask for a favor. We all want to help each other.
  4. Be kind to other moms. Let go of judgement and comparison. Parenting is hard and uniquely different for each of us. Treat another mom as you want to be treated.
  5. Share our stories for what is working and not working. When we share our obstacles and successes, we all can learn from it. And it feels better to let something out than let it linger inside. Our children feel are their emotions and so should we.
  6. Build a community of moms. When we are connecting with other moms and encouraging each other, we all feel better. When we feel good, our children are inspired to feel that way too.

When we feel fulfilled, we can give more to our families. We are all fulfilled in different  ways. Encouraging and supporting other moms in the pursuit of finding more fulfillment makes us all feel better.

Our children learn by what they see and feel everyday from us.

We are all on our own paths and doing amazing jobs with the toughest job—parenting. Parenting is the toughest because our experiences with our children challenge us to grow in new ways. We are growing ourselves with each parenting challenge. Our best defense is fill ourselves up so we can choose love more. The more love we give the more comes back to us.

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