Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, Morning routine, and Positive home environment – EDEM ep. 21 with Lindsay McCarthy

Imagine a new routine with your family each morning. It’s not rushed or chaotic. You wake up a little earlier than you have to and do some simple, proven practices to improve everyone’s mindset

A shift takes place when we devote time for ourself at the start of the day—we start to feel more confidence, compassion, and gratitude. This is a glimpse into Miracle Morning for Parents & Families, a new book coming out September 12.

Meet Lindsay McCarthy, mother of two and co-author of the book, with her husband Mike McCarthy and Hal Elrod.

The book takes Hal’s already successful Miracle Morning practice to a whole new level by involving our children and teaching them important life skills they don’t learn in school. We can use the framework to deepen the relationships with our self and our children and create a loving and successful home environment.

You’ll love this conversation with Lindsay. Along with more on the book, she shares many wonderful insights on parenting and life, including:

  • Homeschooling her two children.
  • Staying grounded and mindful throughout the day.
  • Potty training and the hero’s journey.
  • Letting our children fall and always being there with loving, judgmental support to help them up.

She believes the best thing we can do as parents is live our best life and bring them along for the ride. She shares many practical, easy-to-follow ways to live and parent this way—with more purpose, playfulness, and perspective everyday.

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Life Recipe: Follow the 3 Ps of parenting.


  1. Purposefulness – Getting clear on how you want to family to look and going after that.
  2. Playfulness – Keeping everything lighthearted and having the big picture in mind. 
  3. Perspective – Our children are on their own journey and its our job to support them no matter what it is.


We need to be purposeful about setting the stage for the day in our families. We need to first secure our own oxygen mask before assisting others. For me that happens through my Miracle Morning. Next we have to be playful with our kids and our spouse. Teach them how to start their morning off on the right foot and play along with them. We call our kids Miracle Morning doing their CHARMS. Creativity, Health,Affirmations, Reading, Meditation and Service. Next keep everything in perspective. Our kids are not really ours. They belong to the world and it’s our job to support their dreams. We each are on our own journey and we have to remember that our kids will grow up to be the next leaders of this world. It’s our job to prepare them for that future.

Quotes from Lindsay during the Podcast

“The miracle morning is just how you start your morning.”

“Life charms for kids – creativity, health, affirmation, reading, service.”

They can paint, draw, play with blocks. They can do anything that gets them turning the wheels in their mind in the morning.”

“They follow the alphabet and every morning they have 26 affirmations.”

“We can be the models for our kids in our own friendships – how we relate to other adults – they are always watching us.”

“Kids don’t have a whole lot of freedom in our culture. We as our parents have to provide that for them – give them safe environments to play and be supportive of their dreams.”

About Lindsay:

Lindsay was born and raised in West Chester, PA where she still lives with her husband, Mike,  and their two beautiful children, Tyler and Ember. She was a student athlete at James Madison University where she graduated with a BA in Business Marketing and Management. She is a Spirit Led Practitioner ™ and the co-author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families (due out on Amazon September 12). Lindsay is a homeschool mom, loves to travel and is excited to be part of a movement thats goal is to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one morning at a time.

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EDEM ep. 21

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  1. Terri Reply

    Can’t wait for it to come out. That is exactly what I need so I can know how to involve my young children and family.

    • EveryDayEveryMom Reply

      Yes, it’s out now! You should check it out. I’ve been doing the CHARMS with my kids and it’s been really great for them. They lay out the framework in the book. I’ll actually be writing a post about it next week so stay tuned!

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