Long days and fast years – Appreciating the days that seem to go on and on

The winter days can be the longest days with children. It is hard when you can’t get outside very easily and let them run around in the yard or walk to the park. Sometimes the thought of getting them into all of their snow gear for a short time outside doesn’t seem worth it. So we end up staying in and we all get cooped up.

I never regret it after I get their gear on and we head outside for a bit. While I am doing it, I feel like I am leading the most inefficient assembly line imaginable. Snow pants, hats, boots, and mittens are all lined up, but getting everything actually on them is like process that repeats and repeats and never ends. Lucy is all set and ready to go and as I’m getting Calvin’s mittens on and zipping up his coat, I see that Lucy has slipped off one of her boots and both of the mittens. I wonder if we’ll ever get outside.

As hard as it is getting all the snow gear on, it is so worth it

Children in their snow gear is one of the cutest thingsBut we do get outside finally and it was well worth the frustration, especially when the snow is out. Sometimes we can only be out for 30 minutes but it is so fun for them and we all benefit from the fresh air. I challenge myself to just do it, just put the gear on and get outside. It makes the day better when we can just get outside and there will likely be a day coming up when it will be too cold to even get outside so I’ll wish we made it out when we could.

I am so thankful for Pinterest on the days that are too cold to even get outside

I search indoor activities for children on pinterest and plan to do an activity or two with them. We do baking, build forts, play restaurant, make play dough, crafts—anything and everything to keep them busy. I am so thankful for my 3-year old Calvin’s vivid imagination on these days. I also go into the play room and pull out toys that they haven’t played with in a while. It’s so amazing that when I just set out a toy how they could be enticed by it, especially when they haven’t played with it in a while. All I have to do is set it out and get them started playing with it.

But as long as some days can be, the weeks, months, and years are too fast

On these long days, there is that moment when the kids are finally asleep, the dinner dishes away, and I just sit down put my feet up and enjoy the quiet. As much as I’m enjoying this quiet time at the end of the day, I remind myself to be grateful for my children and all the moments of joy they brought me today.

My children are only one and three but it feels like it has gone by in a blink. I see Calvin being this little person and I wonder how it happened so fast. Someone once told me, the days are long but the years are fast with young children. And it feels so true to me. This is why I try to feel grateful for each new day. I try to start each new day in a way so I can be my best for me, my husband, and my children. Each day is a gift and I am blessed to be able to share it with little wonderous people.

How do you make it through the long days with kids?

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