Listening to our children, trusting ourselves, and experiencing life as it comes- EDEM 9 with Jackie Healy

Are our children mirrors to our own selves—teaching us to experience life more fully and deeply? Do you see taking some time for yourself as selfish or an act of self-love? 

Meet Jackie Healy.

Jackie believes parenting helps us to grow more into ourselves by opening up our minds to break old patterns and opening up our hearts to fully love.

She believes self-love is so important in parenting. By making some space for ourselves through exercise, silence, doing something we love. We get in control of our emotions and can be open to what our children are teaching us.

Jackie shares a wonderful life recipe for how to really listen to your children and honor them by letting them feel their emotions.

She has built a community of friends who reaches for help in parenting but ultimately trusts her intuition to make decisions. She believes there isn’t one book or one way of parenting that works for one child. You have to listen to yourself.

Hear how she is stepping into her own truth not just in parenting, but in her career as well. She is building the path to start her own business as an intuitive guide by doing what she loves—listening to people, feeling people’s energy and helping people through any blocks that are hindering them from realizing happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Don’t miss this insightful and uplifting chat on parenting, personal growth, and living with self-love with our EveryDayEveryMom Jackie Healy.

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Life Recipe: Really listen to our children and know that they are here to teach us.

  • Don’t be so powerful with your children
  • They are teaching us how to be
  • They are teaching us how they need love and how they need love and want love
  • They want to experience life just as we do
  • They are helping us to break old patterns
  • They are here to help you be the best person you can be
  • They are giving you unconditional love. Hold that and harbor it


You just need to listen. Look into those sweet eyes and listen and learn from them.

Life Recipe: Honor your children by helping them move through their emotions.

  • Be okay with their sads and their mads their goods and their bads
  • Allow them to feel so they can become emotionally secure
  • Then as they get older, things are easier to process and they can connect with others.
  • They can be confident and express how they feel and not be bogged down by the judgements that are put on them by others.
  • Give them space to emotionally process what they are feeling

What if I have never learned to process my own emotions, how I can I teach my children?

You need to take care of yourself first. Heal yourself. See what it feels like to really process your own emotions. Sit in quiet, some people like to meditate, sit on a spin bike. Whatever it takes to give yourself space and to really understand your emotions, and become emotionally intimate for your own feelings and to teach that to your children.

Try not to ever blame your children for how you feel. It’s your feeling and its being brought up from something in your past. Really look at it and honor it. Understand where its coming from but don’t maul over it. Learn from it and grow from it.


Parenting is a love that I never thought was possible- I didn’t even know it existed – its like a mirror constantly being held up to me.

My daughter teaches me how to let go of control. Because you just can’t control everything. Some days are not going to happen as you want them to. Open up to experience life as it comes.

Parenting opens up your mind to see differently. You can’t even begin to understand your parents until you have children yourself.

You came here to experience life at our own fullest and deepest level and thats what children teach us. 

In slowing down, I connect with my daughter and connect with my inner child and receive the inner love that I so desire.

Your children need an example of what love looks like. You need to make sure that your unit, the husband and wife relationship, is in tact and you are growing that relationship as well.

Sometimes as parents we lose ourselves. We lose our identity and forget what truly makes us happy.

I’ve learned how important it really is it is to love what you do.  Where you manage your energy and your time. Its important to take space for yourself and list out where you are spending your energy and where you should focus your energy differently.

Learn to ask people for help. People don’t mind helping. They love helping out.

I have to take some time for myself. I feel joy in my life and that joy reminds me of what I want to do next.

I trust that everyone who is put in my path is here to help me.


Jackie Healy is an active mother of one daughter who lives in Boulder, Colorado. She offers services as an intuitive guide by helping people integrate their spirit into their human experience. She is an experienced intuitive life coach who can help you empower yourself and others by learning how to move forward from your current reality toward your chosen path in the most positive way possible. She is a skier, biker, runner, cook, ironman finisher, energy feeler and so much more.

I love helping people through my intuitive guide business. I love being a person who can listen and provide advice and help them be seen.

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