Like attracts like – when I feel happy then positive happy things come back to me

The simple law of attraction—the energy that I put out comes back to me—has never been so clear to me then when I am a wife and a mom. My emotional state seems to affect the energy of our home me so strongly. When I feel happy and positive, happiness and joy seems to radiate back to me. But when I am unhappy looking negatively on the day, I have unhappy encounters with Dan, my children seem to misbehave and its a waterfall effect. One thing after another goes wrong.

The tough thing is to realize I am in a state of negativity and change my thought pattern.

It is hard to see beyond my frustration and just accept the situation in front of me. But if I take a moment and remind myself that I can choose how to react to the situation, then I can choose love instead. It is so powerful to just take a moment and do this. I have learned that where there is negativity and fear, there is no room for love and happiness. Loving and fearful thoughts can’t co-exist. I have to let go of the negative feelings of fear in order for happiness to come back in.

Of course even when I have a positive outlook, things around me can still go very wrong.

My children remind me how easy it is to choose love.

My children remind me how easy it is to choose love.

That is what happens when you are a mom and a wife, the other people in your life have their own feelings and emotions and they can bring their stress, frustration, and anger to you. But when I react to that with love, instead of anger or frustration, the episodes are shorter and we are able to bounce back much quicker. Children don’t dwell in negativity and guilt and regret like we sometimes do as adults. They feel what they feel and then they move on. That is something I have learned from my children and challenge myself to do as well. I just have to feel whatever I am feeling, accept it, and move on by changing if it is negative. Dwelling in a state of negativity just brings on more negativity and is not good for me or my home.

The most amazing thing is how positive energy expands exponentially faster than the negative.

It is so easy to bring positive happy things into my life. All I have to do is put positive happy energy out there. It  We need to let go of the fearful negative thinking in order to bring the loving happy things in our life that we deserve. I realized I am what I continually do. I have to make being positive and happy a habit. I have to challenge myself every day to choose happiness. But the more I do it, the easier it becomes.

I have to set habits for thinking positive and being happy.

I have adapted a couple of habits into my day that have made being happy a part of my life. I have to choose this every day. For me, starting the day a little earlier then the rest of my family helps me set a positive tone to the day. I try to wake up early and do some yoga and writing and visualization. I write out what I am feeling. This way I can let out the worry and if there is something ahead that I am dreading, I visualize how I want to react to it. Keeping a gratitude journal has also helped. Every night, I try to write out things that I am thankful for. I go to bed in a happier state. And at any time throughout the day, I feel the start of negative thinking, I can go back to the journal and reading some entries seems to change my overall mood and perspective. I do this on my computer or phone, so it is really easy to pull it up when I need a little refresh.

What methods work for you for choosing happiness and having a positive outlook on your day?

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