How we Grow Ourselves through our Parenting

When I started my blog EveryDayEveryMom almost two years ago, I had no idea what direction it would take.

I wanted to capture my experiences in motherhood before it passed by—as many mothers before me warned me that it would.

It’s true that in what seems like a blink of an eye—even though the days themselves seemed to last lifetimes. My children have grown from babies to now toddler, preschool and kindergarten-aged.

I see how much I have grown too.

Here are a few truths I have learned along the way

Being a parent is truly different for every one of us. Just as every child is so different.There is no one-size-fits all. It’s unique in every way. This is how we can let go of comparing ourselves to others.

We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have.  This has allowed for forgiveness and self-compassion. We have to be kind to ourselves and truly believe we did the best we could, but we continue to grow and learn everyday so we become more conscious and loving everyday.

The relationships with our children and our spouse—the people we are closest to—bring out the parts of us that need to grow. They are reflections of us, often the really deep, buried parts that are coming up so we can heal, choose to respond differently, and grow ourselves and share our gifts with others.

When we reframe the challenges with the question, “what am I meant to learn here” instead of “why me,” we move through our experiences with more grace and ease. We create a new story for ourselves, a mantra that is our own, not what a book has told me, or what was passed down onto me from my own childhood or from cultural expectations. We are here to create new beautiful stories that are our own.

Yet, through all the writing, interviewing, and reflecting on parenting, there is one tool that stands out among all others for how I can be a better, more fulfilled and energized person, spouse, mother, and friend and make my days more meaningful….

It is mindfulness—a simple yet transformative practice for our inner self

Ever since I started my daily mindfulness meditation practice with ten minutes of stillness in the morning and taking moments throughout my day to pause, breathe, center, and express gratitude, along with some other simple techniques, I’ve noticed a transformation within me that ripples into all the areas of my life:

I see how interconnected all the areas of our life are. If one area is suffering, like my work life, I feel it in my relationships, health, everywhere.

Being a parent helped me to awaken inside

I am more aware of the thoughts in my head that once played on autpilot. I realize now that I unconsciously played a story over and over in my head that continually brought me down instead of up and this negative charge played out in my life.

I am more aware and conscious now, which is the first step toward change

Thoughts are neutral, such as “it is raining outside.”It’s the beliefs in my head about these thoughts that create the negative or positive charge about what is going on around me. Its my beliefs that fuel how I respond.

I can change my beliefs to align with what I want in my life, who I want to be. It is just about reframing my experiences moment-to-moment.

Being aware, not getting into auto-pilot that I am a victim and the world is against me, is something I have to work on. The practice becomes easier the more I do it. The journey seems to unfold naturally once I say yes to making a change.

Mindfulness has taught me is that we are able to start fresh each moment—we don’t have to let our past shape our future

That is why my blog about motherhood I called EveryDayEveryMom has evolved too.

I set out to write about how we can make our days as moms less stressful and more enjoyable and meaningful and I’ve found Mindfulness to be the one tool to help me live this.

When we awaken to our thoughts and our beliefs and begin to form new ones that are in alignment with out purpose, with the story we want for ourselves, our lives become so much more rich fulfilling, and meaningful.

But we do need reminders.

Here comes EveryDayEveryMoment we start fresh

Through daily mindfulness, becoming more intentional and focused, and being able to pause and recenter ourselves using our attention skills, we find greater happiness in all areas of our life – even parenting.

For this reason, my blog about motherhood evolves into one about mindfulness. After reading many books and articles, it led to me pursuing a training in a mindfulness system, called Unified Mindfulness to strengthen my skills and be trained to teach to others.

It also lead to me to make new connections. I met Natalie the Modern Hippie Mama and we co-wrote a book called Peaceful Mama, The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection, launching in January. We call it the conscious mama manifesto, because we share the magic of what happens inside a woman when she brings a child into the world—the emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth—and how it can spring her into a more wholehearted, connected and peaceful way of living.

So this is why I have been so out of touch on my podcast and blog. I’m excited to be tuned in again and here is what to expect going forward from me:

  • 5-minutes of Mindfulness – The podcast and blog will have practical little reminders, reflections, and guided meditations for being more mindful and intentional so we enjoy our days more, feeling less stress and more happiness in as little as 5 minutes a day.
  • Workshops – I am beginning to lead workshops around mindfulness, becoming more aware and intentional, and self-compassionate. Check here to see my workshop schedule. A few are scheduled for November.
  • Peaceful Mama Community – I am happy to share that my book with Natalie sager is coming out this January. Please visit Peaceful Mamas to learn more and join our tribe. You’ll be a part of the book launch, hear interviews with experts across many fields that relate to our overall wellbeing, and join a growing, supportive community of conscious mamas.
  • Working one-on-one with people and groups. If you want to take your mindfulness practice to a new level, consider working with me as your coach. I am help you learn the skills you need to tune into yourself so you can find the answers and direction you seek. Check here to learn more.

Looking forward to connecting with you more and hope you’ll find what I share helps you enjoy more, stress less, and make everyday more meaningful for you.

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“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” – Soren Kierkegaard

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