Healthy money mindset and Attracting abundance into your life – EDEM ep.36 with Tonya Rineer

How important in mindset in attracting abundance? How confident do you feel communicating your value in work and in life?

Meet Tonya Rineer, a mom of three boys, and a money mindset coach. She gives women the tools to discover their value, think abundantly, gain control of their finances and supercharge their earning potential.

She challenges us to examine the vocabulary we use. We could be thinking and talking in a limiting way that’s  actually preventing us from attracting what we want in life.

The first step to creating more abundance is to own where we are right now. We must accept that our choices got us to where we are today and that it’s within our control to change. We can’t control the negative things that already occurred or could happen, we only control our reaction and how we choose to move forward.

Next, we have to articulate what we want in life. What does our dream personal, work, and family life look like.

Once we are clear on what we want, we can get a plan in place to get there. We have to take action from a place of purposeful intention. To know and trust in what we are moving toward.

We then have to allow ourselves to receive. We as moms have trouble with this one.

We can’t give and give to our work or our families without receiving—we’ll feel empty inside. Filling ourselves up isn’t selfish. It brings us joy and happiness and that’s what leads to abundance—so we can give more to others.

We’re all capable of and deserve living the life we desire. It just takes focus, action and a belief in ourself to make the day-to-day choices in the right direction.

She shares so much with us:

  • Teaching our children about money and challenging them to have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Talking with our children – seeing life experiences as teaching moments
  • Life recipe for creating boundaries when personal and business life blend too much
  • Step-by-step attraction formula for getting what you want in life

Join us for an upbeat chat with Tonya, who shares a lot of laughs and the steps we need to take toward living an abundant life.

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Life Recipe: Prioritizing family with work time

It’s easy to let business time take over, especially when you work from home. Here are two ways Tonya creates healthy boundaries.

  1. Create office hours at home: Her family knows when the door is closed, she is working. She promises she’ll stop working at certain times. Door opens, she totally checks out from business and can truly be intentional and present and aware with her family.
  2. Monthly one-on-one dates with her sons: She completely disconnects and it’s special time for just them. She uses this time to teach life skills, letting them pay the bill (using her money), opening doors, learning to be ‘gentleman.’ The only thing that is important is them at that time and they appreciate the time together.

She finds her family is more respectful of her work time with these practices because they know they get their time too.

About Tonya

Tonya Rineer is the energy behind the Profit Party! She is an innovative Money Mindset Coach who helps women entrepreneurs discover their value, super-charge their profit potential and get off the financial roller coaster for good.

She is dedicated to revolutionizing the way women think and feel about money and business. Whether she is speaking, training or coaching, Tonya’s purpose shines through in all that she does!

Tonya’s action-oriented style gives women actionable tools to gain control of their finances, transform their beliefs about money and dramatically increase their income!

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