Health, wealth, love, happiness and letting our children be our greatest teachers – EDEM ep. 20 with Natalie Sager

Health, wealth (abundance), love, and happiness. We want and deserve all of these things. We actually are all of these things at our core. We just have to dig down inside to heal ourself and let it emerge. It starts with our own health and well-being. We have to first feel healthy within our self to feel and appreciate all the abundance around us. It’s an inside-out job.

Meet Natalie Sager, a mother of two boys, and holistic health coach whose mission is helping mothers get control of their health and feel abundance in their lives. She support mothers, because they in turn support their families toward living healthy, whole lives.

She sees mamas as the powerhouse of the family. When mamas make positive changes, it ripples out onto children, spouses, and into the world, raising consciousness.

She feels our children are our greatest teachers, bringing out the things in us that need to grow. We have to open our hearts to it and they will open our eyes to new possibilities and to living life to its fullest.

One of the greatest lessons she learned from her children was the importance of health, which lead to her putting her health first and eventually helping other mothers do the same.

Our children give us their unconditional love, which sparks us to follow our hearts in ways we might not have before. Returning that love to our children comes by practicing empathy, compassion, and accepting them as they are so they can grow into the people they are meant to be. But we can’t be fully empathetic, compassionate, and accepting our children unless we feel that for ourself. It’s inside out.

She shares a life recipe we can all follow in parenting and life. It involves taking Time to figure out your values, Planning out the life you want to lead and Flexibility to release the plans at times through Faith that everything happens in divine right time.

You’ll love Natalie’s heartfelt inspiration and knowledge around health and ideas for how moms can make self-care a priority. When we care for ourselves we can care for others and be open to the all the wonderful lessons and experiences our children bring to us everyday.

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Life Recipe: How to live with meaning and mission


  1. He: As my Mamy Suzy always says, “you can do anything as long as you’re healthy!” Finding your optimal health will enhance your life in countless ways. Remember healthy does not necessarily mean skinny, although losing weight does tend to be a positive side effect to eating clean, whole foods. But, health is not solely about food, it is about nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. Physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, social health and mental health all play apart in our overall well-being. They are equally important in obtaining homeostasis. If one area is lacking, your whole system can be thrown off balance. Let me help you find your pure He.
  2. We: What does the word wealth mean to you? Our automatic response tends to define wealth as having lots of money. But, I am referring to wealth as abundance and prosperity. And, that can be in the form of confidence, relationships, satisfaction, serenity and fulfillment. When we are fortunate enough to engage in meaningful life work, and are fulfilling our life’s purpose, then we are far wealthier than money could provide. Finding your We is all about fueling your internal fire with deep and worthwhile riches.
  3. Lo: Our hearts have no boundaries for how much we can love. Whether we are in love with a friend, an animal, a child or ourselves, we have the ability to conquer anything and everything when we use our hearts power with love. When we get shaded with the details of life, we oftentimes forget to look at the big picture. Take a step back and remind yourself to love. Not just your friends and family, but love the world and most of all remember to love yourself. Your inner Lo is inside of you, let me help you shine it’s bright light to the world.
  4. Ha: Do you wake up with a smile on your face every morning saying your gratitude’s or are you sluggish and tired when the alarm goes off? What is YOUR definition of happiness? Life is full of learning experiences which provide us contrast and diversity. Yet, we always have a choice as to how to respond…with a smile, with apathy or with an angry word. Learning how to take control of your inner voice and internal monologue can drive you in the direction of pure joy and contentment or take you straight to cynical and pessimism. Only you have the power to obtain true happiness, let me assist you along that journey.

These 4 categories can each be separately defined; Yet they all overlap like a Venn diagram.

Quotes from Natalie during the podcast:

“Our children come into this world to teach us so many lessons. Sometimes they are lessons we may not want to learn.

“Most of the things that I see in my children are things I know I need to work on in myself and they are here to show me that.”

“Taking care of yourself is of utmost importance and it’s hard to not think of that as being egocentric or selfish. There is always this guilt factor that I see in moms”

“When I am empathetic with my son, he is so much more receptive.”

“When you’re not able to take care of yourself, you’re not able to take care of anyone else.”

About Natalie:

I am a mom to my precious 4 year old son, Jonah and his baby brother Skye. They are the light of my life and my constant reminders about how miraculous and wonderful the world can be…when we open our hearts. They are my greatest gifts and teach me something new everyday. My children open my eyes to new possibilities and encourage me to enjoy life to its fullest. They remind me not to take life so seriously and to have fun! But, most importantly, Jonah and Skye have taught me about unconditional love.

It is my goal to be as optimally healthy as I possibly can be so I can watch my family grow throughout the years. And, during that journey I hope to help others find the same light.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which is a year-long program that studies over 150 dietary theories. It is a highly comprehensive program taught by well respected doctors, scientists, nutritionist, dietitians, A-list actors, politicians, authors, and research analysts. Additionally, I have completed over 1500 hours of independent study on diet, exercise, attitude, and lifestyle. I continue to study and educate myself daily keeping abreast of all topics related to health and wellness. Learning is living and I plan to do both for a very long time!

Connect with Natalie:
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