Getting the family together around the table, bridging what you love and what you do everyday, and overcoming postpartum depression – EDEM story with Rebecca Andexler

We want to follow our passion. To make what we love what we do everyday. But how do we do it? Meet Rebecca Andexler.

Rebecca had a successful career in PR but felt like something was missing. She followed that voice and went back to school to become a chef. Today, her career is a blend of the things she loves most—her family, food, and journalism—she calls it homemakers habitat.

We may not be able to start a new career right now, but we can make a little time everyday for what we love. Taking one step toward that piece of us that feels like its missing is one step closer to living a more authentic life that is true for us.

Being true to ourselves doesn’t mean doing it all. As women, we feel some pressure to manage work, the house, the children and look like we didn’t even sweat it. But that is no way to live. Asking for help and building a support network are some of the best things we can do.

When we’re not caught up in doing it all, we can better enjoy the things that are going well. For Rebecca, that is collaborating with her husband as he photographs the beautiful food she makes. And with her children through the many family friendly meals and segments she coordinates.

She shares a very practical life recipe for how you can cook with your children—easy ways to make preparing and eating meals so they look forward to that time around the dinner table that is so important for them.

You won’t want to miss this candid chat with someone who is authentically living a life that is true for her. You’ll appreciate her candor and practical advice on everything from overcoming postpartum depression to carving in quality time with your spouse to getting your family together around the dinner table.

Life Recipe: Cooking with your children


  1. Stool or chair so children are at proper counter height.
  2. Have everything pre-measured so they only have to dump containers into larger bowl.
  3. Look into age-appropriate cooking tools for children, like a whisk or knives as they get a little older.


You’ll find that children eat more when they help to prepare it. Deconstructing food works well for children. They like to make choices about what they eat. When its laid out on a platter, they can choose what they want. They are more apt to try different things. They choose some things that you wouldn’t expect. Let them explore food and enjoy the experience. Check out an actual recipe for deconstructed couscous salad with grilled Greek chicken on Rebecca’s blog, homemakershabitat.

“Make mealtimes family focused. Food at the center of the table and of the family as well.” – Rebecca Andexler

Quotes from the interview

“We as mothers have to accept as much help as possible and be a community for each other because it’s always a struggle to balance it all.”

“Creating a support system makes a huge difference.”

“People see the first years of motherhood as such a beautiful rosy time. It’s not the case for everyone.”

“Follow the piece of you that feels like is  missing. As a mom you can get so buried in being a mom – there is always some part of you that you fee like..If you had that time, you would love to do this again. If that is something you can pursue and build into a career, follow that as much as you can, follow that passion.”


Rebecca Andexler is a PR and culinary consultant, mother of two munchkins and founder of the blog and Instagram feed Homemaker’s Habitat. Partnering with her husband and photographer, JT Andexler, she’s had the privilege of developing recipes, styling photo shoots, coordinating events and consulting with some of the world’s top food and housewares brands, restaurants, authors and bloggers focused on food, parenting and lifestyle topics. She is also a contributor for the lifestyle website and occasionally turns up as a food & parenting expert on FOX Good Day Chicago. She holds a personal chef and catering certification through the culinary arts program at Kendall College, Chicago, IL. Rebecca and JT live with their two tiny troublemakers and one silly French bulldog in the Chicago suburbs.
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