Gaining perspective through travel, cultivating compassion and gratitude, and not hovering over our children – EDEM ep. 26 With Noele Sutherland McLain

Stepping away from our everyday opens up our minds and hearts and gives us new perspective. We can see our world differently, sometimes with deeper compassion for others and appreciation for what we have. We can do this where we are by taking a mental break or physically by traveling someplace else—a different neighborhood nearby or part of the world.

Meet Noele Sutherland McLain, a mom of a son who is four, who hasn’t just traveled, but lived in all different parts of the world. He son actually holds three passports, one for Scotland where she is from, Belize where they lived for his first four years, and US where they live now.

She discussed differences of raising a child here in the States versus Belize. She talks about how safe it is here and how fortunate we are that if something happens to one of our children, they are in the best care almost immediately whereas in places like Belize it would be a plane ride away to get to a top hospital.

The perspective she’s gained from her travels helps her not be the ‘helicopter parent’ knowing she doesn’t need to hover over her child as he grows and experiences life.She realizes it’s the mistakes in life that we learn the most from, that is why she feels it’s important to let her children fall at times. It’s up to us to help them get up and keep tying.

It’s easy to feel unsafe with our high-drama and information-overload culture, but it’s actually the most peaceful era in human history.

It doesn’t mean something can’t happen today that would change everything – it could – and she did lose her mother really suddenly. She doesn’t dwell in the negative, instead she takes time to cultivate compassion and gratitude in her life everyday.

She really feels that being happy, by cultivating compassion and gratitude in our lives, is the very best thing we can give to our children.

We’ll discuss so much:

  • Her former life in the music industry babysitting bands
  • How practicing yoga for 25 plus years has been her center, keeping her grounded through everything
  • What it’s like living in a place where the your backyard is the Shed aquarium
  • Importance of making time for mental and physical exercise is vital – especially as someone who chose to be a mom later in life

Join as us for this fun and eye-opening discussion as we get to know our EveryDayEveryMom, Noele.

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Life Recipe: Cultivate Compassion and Gratitude in your Life so you can be a happy parent for your child


  • 15 minutes a day or more if you can (whenever you can fit it in, even as you are making dinner, driving, commuting)


Take some time at any point in your day to think about the things you are grateful for. Thinking this way really does rise above anything that might make you feel you are missing out or don’t get or have. There is always something around you to be grateful for. Many of us have a pretty privileged lucky life. A lot of people have it a lot harder. When you can cultivate feelings of compassion and gratitude, it reduces stress, makes things a lot easier, and makes you a happier person. The most important thing you can do for your child… be a happy parent.


“One of the benefits of having a child when you are older. It’s a little easier for me to not work as much and be home with Enzo.”

“Yoga has always been big part of my life and it really helps me to center and balance things. It’s helped to ground me. Something I can always go to. It’s my constant.”

“I can worry less (after living in a place that didn’t have the same resources we have here). Experiencing not having anything (access to medical care) totally takes away from helicopter mommy when you know if they get hurt, they can get better”

“Being an older parent, You can appreciate and know that the things you learned the most from are the things you made mistakes from.You have to let your children to make small mistakes so they can learn how to make mistakes and be safe and careful.”

“We should take a moment to appreciate all we have here especially as far as safety.”

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