Gaining confidence, feeding your mind and body right, and believing you deserve it all – EDEM ep. 16 with Tatiana Amico

Why is it hard to put ourself first? How do we let go of the limiting beliefs and negative self talk and gain back our confidence? How do we have it all?

Meet Tatiana Amico, mom of two who has built a life and business around empowering women to go after their dreams and have it all. She says it starts with putting yourself first, especially when you are a busy mama.

She overcame her own negative body image, food and exercise addiction by believing she deserved more. She took control of her life and now helps other women do the same.

What is the one thing that kept her on track? Personal Development. She started feeding her mind and body right and now she’s created a life full of health and happiness and achievement.

Her greatest achievement is not her six-figure income, its that she is setting a positive example for her own children of how to live a good life and that we can be happy, successful, and fulfilled.

She feels we can’t be truly happy until we can look in the mirror and love what we see so she helps other women get there through her coaching, challenge groups, and accountability programs.

When negative self-talk creeps back in, it’s the things she does proactively help her most—letting go of comparison of herself with other moms, scheduling self-care into her day, and building her tribe.

When we fill our mind and body right, know what we want in life and believe we deserve to have it, life changes. She wants to help every woman out there make this shift and have it all. We all deserve it.

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Life Recipe: How To Have It All


1.  Know you deserve more & need to make yourself a priority.

2. Fuel your body right. Move your body. Feed your mind right.

3. Find your tribe.


Tell yourself daily that you are worth it and deserve whatever it is that you want, including those dreams you had as a little girl (or whenever). Do not limit yourself.

Make time to eat whole, nutrient dense food & exercise. Schedule it in if you need to. Sleep in your workout clothes if you need to. Prep whole foods. Make time daily to feed your mind right with personal development – listen to audio books or podcasts when necessary in the car, while showering, while cooking, etc.

Find support. Be you and find your tribe. Get rid of toxic people and make sure you are only surrounding yourself with people who want the best for you, will support you and push you to be better.

Quotes from Tatiana

“I remind moms: be yourself, don’t forget who you are,  what your dreams are, and what you want your life to be like. You can have anything you want in life.” 

“You have to work on your mind before anything else. Limiting beliefs, negative self talk, little confidence. You need to do personal development everyday if you are going to succeed.”

“Personal development gave me a new mindset and confidence.”

“When you feel negative: Flip a switch in your mind. You got this. You can do anything you want. Reach out to your tribe to support. Surround yourself with people who raise you up.”

Find like-minded people – the dreamers, the doers, the ones that want more and will do whatever it takes.”

Stop thinking that you need to be doing thing a certain way. Be open-minded and then you can do what’s going to be best for you.”


Tatiana Amico is a certified Health Coach & Business Mentor who works with mamas who want to feel vibrant, healthy and confident in their bodies (again or for the first time). She empowers women to realize they deserve more, can have it all, and to finally take control of their life.

Why does she do this? Because she’s been there. She has struggled with negative body image, food addiction, eating disorders and exercise addiction. She tried all the fad diets, all the pills, all the programs…and yet, nothing worked. Her weight kept going up and down.

Eventually, she knew she had to take control of her health. She did just that, and now helps other women do the same. It’s not just about food and exercise though. She believes in empowering women to go have their dreams and have it all, so she also mentors women in building their own health & wellness empires.

Her motto is, “It’s time to put yourself first” and through her facebook group, Healthy, Happy, and Empowered Women, and her client group – The Club – she helps women change their lives in a way they never thought possible!

She is a mama to her 3 year old, Matteo, and 4 month old, Aria and wife to her amazing husband, Christian.

Connect with Tatiana

Website: | Facebook: | Instagram: tatianaamico


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