Finding joy in the little things – remembering gratitude is the gateway to joy

It’s often in the little ordinary things, the everyday, where we find the joy.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the big things. That we lose sight of all the little things that lead up to the big event.

Thanksgiving dinner is a great reminder of this.

Sitting down to the table and eating the big dinner is wonderful. But it was the little conversations, the flurry of activity in the kitchen leading up, the laughter, the connectedness, that we create the stories that fill us up. That bring meaning. We just have to be present for it.

A moment of awareness is all we need to shift of perspective to see what is around us differently—with gratitude.

Remembering that gratitude is the gateway to joy helps me.

When we can see the good and feel gratefulness, we can let go of the thoughts that don’t serve us. The unrealistic expectations, the running storyline in our head of what should be happening or could have happened.

Be here now instead.

Even if its a little chaotic, we can feel gratefulness for the uniqueness of the experience in front of us, the kitchen flurry to get the meal out, the children playing crazily after pie… the joy is in the little things. We just have to be present for it.

Here are a few ways to use mindfulness to become aware and then shift our perspective toward gratefulness and joy.

How to use Mindfulness to feel more gratitude and joy

  1. Take one moment and breathe—this brings us back to the present, to this moment. Awareness.
  2. Use your senses to really see, hear, feel, taste what is going on around you—We know we’re present when we’re able to track and explore our sensory experience in real time.
  3. Accept whatever you are feeling with kindness and compassion. It’s okay to have yelled or felt jealousy or worry. It’s natural to feel whatever we felt.
  4. Open your eyes to the goodness around you. There is always something to feel grateful for.
  5. We can use our concentration power to choose what we think about. We can choose happiness and love.


Sometimes we expect joy in the big or extraordinary things. We may find it there, but it’s in the little everyday things.

Take a moment and just be here now, wherever you are.

Feel gratefulness for what is.

And really feel the joy, fully.  Without letting fear or worry or thoughts of what’s next or what happened before creep in.

Gratitude is the gateway to joy.


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