Finding joy in helping others, overcoming doubt by doing good, and looking inward instead of outward for answers – EDEM ep. 35 with Donna Marie Post

It’s natural to feel doubt in parenting, work, and life. We all do. What matters is what we do with it, how we redirect it and believe in ourselves again.

Meet Donna Marie Post, a mother of one, who shed a part of her old self when she became a mom. It was a part of her she wasn’t proud of, that was judgmental and unkind. It was a bully inside her own self—a voice many of us can relate to and none of us want our children to experience.

She started following her heart instead. She felt the pull to create a business that supports and encourages women.

Now, a year and a half later, she feels grateful for fulfilling work that helps others and in turn helps herself. The energy from doing work she loves positively flows into other areas of her life—bringing joy to her friendships, marriage, and parenting.

She talks about ‘the pause’ when dealing with self-doubt or any other limiting belief. With a pause, instead of reacting, we can we choose to reconnect inward. There, we find there real answers we seek and a quiet confidence to believe in ourselves.

Donna Marie speaks right from the heart, sharing fun and insightful ideas for how to juggle our busy lives more peacefully and successfully. We discuss:

  • The drive behind I Admire U that uplifts and inspires others by sharing the stories of everyday woman achieving extraordinary things
  • Looking inward instead of the internet for parenting answers
  • Creating memories with our children but not getting too caught up in the milestones instead of the everyday moments
  • How she juggles family, business, and self-care by creating a plan, being flexible with it, and clearly communicating it to  others
  • Inspiration and ideas for someone who is thinking about starting their own business

Donna Marie also shares a beautiful life recipe that can help us get into a positive mindset as we start the new year.

I hope you enjoy this uplifting conversation with Donna Marie as much as I did.

Life Recipe: How to have a successful and peaceful year as a mom entrepreneur.


  1. Forgive. Forgive yourself for not always having it together.
  2.  Invest. Invest in a supportive network, positive mindset, and growth.
  3.  Listen. Listen to your feelings and do what feels good and aligns with your “why.”
  4. Support. Support others around you, it is the best motivator!


Forgive yourself for not always having it together. If you fell asleep when you were supposed to email everyone back, forgot your kid’s doctor appointment, chose to stay in your pajamas versus attending a networking event, or haven’t made a home cook meal in two weeks; forgive yourself. You are human. I’m not saying you should throw all accountability and structure into the wind, but allow yourself the space to not get it right all the time.

Invest in things that help support your business goals. Invest in a supportive network of people that are like-minded that help cheer you on when you are feeling like a total louse or experiencing feelings of overwhelming doubt. Join a Facebook business group, a book club, or even better yet, start your own club of like-minded women. Invest in a positive mindset. Choose to make conscious efforts to delete that negative text, skip on commenting on that social media post that upsets you, send a handwritten thank you card, speak daily affirmations, and choose to talk about your family, dreams, and goals; opposed to talking about people or things that you can’t control. Invest in your personal growth. Read self-help books, attend discussions and workshops, read articles, register for a class, journal, or listen to a podcast. By doing this, it helps motivate you towards your business goals, and that type of positive energy overflows into your mom life.  

Listen to your feelings and do what feels good. Tune into what works for you, how you manage your goals to your dreams, and what works for your family. Do friends think your nuts for adding one more thing to your already full plate?  Do your parents think you’re nuts for registering for graduate school with two young kids? Do your peers think you’re insane for taking such a huge risk? What matters is how you feel. What is your why? Tap into your feelings and your “why” and do what aligns with it. Most importantly, don’t apologize for it.

Support others around you, it is the best motivator! When you are in a fear valley, a creative rut, or binging on episodes of doubt; go out and do good. Sign-up for that hip hop class with your friend who used to dream of choreographing videos back in the day, watch a play with your mom who is taking local acting classes, or volunteer your wisdom and time to a women-owned business. Start the cycle of support, or pay it forward if you are on the receiving end. It will inspire your business dreams and your kids will think you’re amazing.


Donna Marie grew up in Alaska, and always day dreamed of a faster pace, the buzz of city life. She followed her dreams across the nation to study Fashion in Atlanta and intern with Elite Model Management. Over the course of the following fifteen years, Donna Marie worked for top fashion companies including: Versace, Giorgio Armani, Wilhelmina Models, and Prada. Her nomadic spirit led her to Miami, the Caribbean, and Chicagoland, where she currently resides. Being raised by two entrepreneurs, it was no surprise Donna Marie has explored different business ventures, including: wardrobe consultation, freelance writing, professional speaking, and jewelry design. Aside from her career, Donna Marie married her husband, Craig, in 2010. Two years later, they welcomed their baby boy, Truman. After becoming a parent, Donna Marie felt a spiritual pull to do something that would make a difference, to start I Admire U. As the Founder, she hopes the positive energy that radiates from each of the interviews, breeds positivity online. Her goal is to encourage others to not only celebrate themselves, but to celebrate awesome everyday women all over the nation!

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