Feeling worthy, taking care of ourselves, and feeling happy now through gratefulness – EDEM ep. 25 with Kristy DeJesus

Nobody has it all figured out when it comes to parenting. Too often we put a mask up that everything is rosy when it’s not what we are really feeling. We all experience the inevitable ups and downs so we do so why do so many of us feel we can’t be truthful about how we are really feeling? 

If we’re holding on to negative or fearful feelings, covering them up doesn’t make them go away. We have to bring awareness to those feelings to change them and make room for all there is to feel grateful about in our lives.

Meet Kristy DeJesus, mom of five, and primary bread-winner in her family. Kristy is honest and open about her amazing path from in debt and facing foreclosure to where she is today as a million-dollar business owner. By being truthful with herself, always finding something to feel grateful for, and prioritizing self-care, she stays true to herself and feels worthiness amidst the everyday ups and downs of parenting and life we all face. 

She didn’t want her children to see two versions of herself, one that was unhappy behind closed doors but had it all figured out and perfect once the door opened. She wanted to be real and truthful. Having friends that she could be honest with helped her realize that being real is way better than perfect. 

She shares that “we put up with what we feel we deserve.” If we aren’t living the life we want, we may need to look at what we are telling ourselves through our self-talk. The dream for her life became a reality once she became crystal clear about what she wanted, started taking small steps toward it, and  believing wholeheartedly that she deserved more.

We’ll also discuss:

  • Prioritizing exercise and time for visualization, meditation
  • Creating strong friendships where you can be your whole self and support one another
  • Finding a balance that works for you and making self-care a priority
  • Building a million-dollar business
  • Seeing ourselves in others – the good and the not so good

She even shares a life recipe about how to be happy right now through gratefulness. Too many of us put our happiness on hold, saying it will happen in the next corridor of our life. But happiness is about seeing the good things right now—not after you lose the weight or have a new job—our life is right now and there is always something to feel happy about.

You’ll love this chat with an amazing woman who inspires and encourages all of us to live more fully, believe we deserve more, and not wait on our happiness.

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Quotes from Interview

“If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t be who you were designed to be. You have to put yourself first. We’re all winging it, doing the best we can.”

“The fiber of my being loves my business. When you do what you love than life is more enjoyable.”

“Some of your darkest period of times, later something beautiful and miraculous will come from it. At the time that you are in it, you don’t see it. When you look back, you can see all that you went through lead to something great.”

“I try to lead with love and help people to dream again and think what if.”

“You have to know what you want to do, see it in your mind, it has to be so crystal clear about what you want. What it looks like. How it feels.”

“I want you to see yourself in exactly the place that you want to be. Hold that thought and just feel it for a few minutes. Smile when you think about it. See the work that you need to do to get there, see yourself doing it with joy, That you loved each part of the journey. That you know where the destination is leading you. You need that in order to make it happen.”

“To really transform your life you have to know where you are going and what you want.”

“We also have to acknowledge the areas in our life that aren’t in alignment with our goals and visions.

I don’t want to be the same person in ten years. I am so much more evolved and comfortable where i am and I want that to continue.”

If they are unsure if they are worth it, worthy of it. Question it. Why not? It has to start by questioning why I think I don’t deserve it. Some people don’t even acknowledge something is wrong.”

Life Recipe: Feeling gratefulness. We are happiest when we are feeling grateful.


  1. Awareness


At any moment we can be in a better place mentally, emotionally just by taking a moment to notice what is going well in our life.

A lot of us put happiness on hold and we think its in the next corridor of our life. And we’re missing our life. We keep waiting for our life.

We just need to feel the moments that happen everyday that are good and I am happy for.

We don’t want to miss it. It’s the little moments everyday that are adding up to our life. Being more aware of it and taking it and appreciating it.

“You can never identify a trait in another person that you don’t already have within ourself. You see all the things in others that you have within you. It’s because you have those characteristics in your self. That’s why you notice them that’s why you are aware of them.”

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  1. Marcia Hughes Reply

    Kristy’s excitement in her life, family, friends and business was very motivating. Her outlook on life and how to make improvements was insightful. Great podcast.

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