Feeling the baby inside me – One of the most beautiful feelings in the world

I love feeling the baby flutters and kicks inside me. It just never gets old. Around 20 weeks, you start to feel these little delicate flutters at random times. Then the movements become more frequent, with more force, and finally on more of a set schedule. The baby starts their routine even in the womb—moving around and getting exercise at the same times every day.

Why do I keep staring at my belly as the baby moves?

Feeling that baby bumpThen as the baby gets bigger, you don’t just feel the baby, but see it too. I can’t stop staring at my belly as it moves up down and all around. I try to distinguish if it is a foot, a fist, or a bum moving around. I rub my hand over my belly and sometimes the baby even responds to my touch—the first indicator of the powerful connection of touch between mama and baby.

I love when my husband and I can feel the movement together

Feeling the baby move is one thing about pregnancy that I can share with my husband. There is a lot about pregnancy that is hard for him to experience but the movement of the baby is one we can share together and I love that. As he puts his hand on my belly, he calls it my little aquarium—sometimes a little sea-horse swimming around and other times a carpe kicking.

I’m in my third pregnancy, probably my last, so I try to appreciate these special moments.

Whatever the movement is, even that painful rib jab that happens in the final weeks, I try to just enjoy it and mentally capture how it makes me feel. I know I will look back and miss it. It is one of the many parts of pregnancy and birthing a baby that truly amaze me—the beautiful way a woman’s body adapts and prepares for a baby is really a miracle. It is a reminder for me that there is something much greater than me at work. When I think and feel positively, life flows lovingly and naturally, like carrying and birthing a baby.

How do you like most or miss most about pregnancy?

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