Embracing your unique motherhood experience – EDEM 8 with Aisha Ellis

Meet a mom of two sons who is spending time connecting with others, growing herself, and enjoying life as it is—instead of wishing and waiting for the next thing.

Do you want to open yourself up to connecting with others and building your own little community? Do you want to get out of your mommy pants every once in a while to have fun with friends or do something you love? Hear how EveryDayEveryMom Aisha Ellis has done just that.

After feeling a little isolated as a new stay-at-home mom, she decided to join a mom-meet-up group that eventually lead to her meeting friends who have become like family.

Stepping out of her comfort zone a bit was all she needed to build more meaningful relationships for her family and start feeling connected instead of isolated as a new parent.

She’s not afraid to ask her partner for the time she needs to grow herself because she knows doing so makes her a more whole mom for her children. By making this time, she’s been able to start her own nails side business, volunteer, sing in a choir, and start a supper club.

What’s supper club? Check out her life recipe for starting your own, which is a great way to regularly get together with friends over something we all love—mealtime.

It’s so neat to hear Aisha’s story of motherhood and be reminded that even though every family looks a little different on the outside—we are the same on the inside in that we want whats best for our children and to enjoy and appreciate more everyday.

Join us as we meet our EveryDayEveryMom… Aisha Ellis.

Life Recipe – Starting your own supper club


  • A group of families
  • Scheduled time together (i.e., Sunday nights 5-7 weekly during summer and monthly during winter)
  • Create a schedule for who’s hosting when
  • Host provides main dish and drinks for families
  • Other families bring side dish and appetizers


Supper club is casual way to get together with friends on sundays and share a meal. Someone puts together a schedule and shares it with everyone. You’re on to host a couple times a summer and once over the winter and the other families host the rest of the time. Its great to have designated time with friends.

The hosts can create their meals around different themes such as pumpkin themed in the fall, a second thanksgiving for someone who likes to make turkey, Mexican fiesta, or a family could just order pizza. You could even meet at a local park and have pitch-ins concerts.

Something you’ll look forward to. Your children will grow up with these kids and develop their own relationships—their own little crew. It’s a group of families that you’ll get to know well and can call on each other when you need help.

Quotes from podcast

“I thought when I chose to stay at home that I would be avoiding some of that mommy guilt but I found I have just as much guilt as my working-mom friends.”

“Either way wherever you are as a mother on either side of the coin, you have different feelings about staying at home or not”

“We can teach our children we can be loving moms at home and be professional business people—that I learned from my mom and my own spouse.”

“Focus on our children when we’re with them.”

“I made great friends, some extra money, got out of the house, had fun, and gotten out of my mom pants for the evening [on starting her own business].”


Aisha Ellis is a Midwestern girl born in Iowa, who moved to Chicago in 1999 to work as teacher. She met her wife, while teaching in the city. Though she found teaching very satisfying, after 13 years as a primary teacher in Chicago Public schools, she took family leave to hang out with her son. Her wife took a turn next, and the family grew to four, with the birth of a second son in 2013. Last year, she decided to work on personal growth and earn some extra money by joining a direct sales company. Aisha enjoys being a foodie (currently making bread), hanging with her two weimaraners, singing in a choir, pinning things in Pinterest that she’ll never try, and pretending to be a bartender.
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Jamberry nails business at www.curlyq.jamberry.com | Facebook page at www.facebook.com/aishaellisnails
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