Juggling home + life + work and doing what’s right for you and your family  – EDEM 6 with Jaclyn Mellone

Hear how the mama behind the chasing dreams and littles incubator is serving herself, her family, and her business in a way that is true for her.

Have you felt the stress of life pulling you in different directions? Are you feeling guilt and stress over the juggle of it all? Meet Jaclyn Mellone. 

Jaclyn experienced the overwhelm of being pulled in different directions and feeling like she was failing at everything when she returned to work after having her daughter. She soon realized she wanted to be in a situation where she could have more time with her daughter and still feel really fulfilled in a work capacity.

She eventually followed her passions for business and connecting with moms by starting her own business, the Chasing Dreams and Littles Incubator. And now she is building a life that is true to her where she is feeling fulfilled at home and in her career.

Hear Jaclyn’s valuable life recipe for making the juggle work for you, which includes planning, setting boundaries, and re-adjusting expectations in your family and business life.

She also shares her daily practice of journaling, which helps her to slow down and appreciate the little things.

I’m so excited to share the story of letting go of the overwhelm and serving your family and business life in a way that is true to you, with our our EveryDayEveryMom… Jaclyn Mellone.

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Life Recipe: How to handle the juggle of work at home.


  1. Plan. Have a plan in place.
  2. Boundaries. Set boundaries around your plan for both work and home.
  3. Expectations. Set realistic expectations that are right for you and your family.


Sit down with your family and create a plan. Decide on the plan that can work, that you can afford, and that you can realistically structure the time around. Having the plan in place and everybody on the same page is important.

Set some boundaries around the plan on both the business and family side. Make sure everyone is on the same page and stick to your boundaries. This way your time to work is your time to work. Your time for family is your time for family.

Re-adjust the expectations of what you can realistically accomplish. So often with expectations, we think of other people. We need to set realistic expectations for ourselves. It’s different for everyone. Know yourself, know your family and know its going to change. We have to be flexible too because it doesn’t always go as planned.


The Five Minute Journal. http://www.fiveminutejournal.com/

Quotes from podcast

The Five Minute Journal helps me focus on what would make today great and then at the end of the day, reflecting on what did made today great and this whole mindset of being grateful and appreciating those moments. -Jaclyn Mellone

When I am focusing on it and doing it, I’m so much more appreciative of just the little tiny moments that in this fast-paced life we don’t pause to think about. I’m much more aware of my daily life and what does fulfill me. – Jaclyn Mellone

I’m really excited that I’ve been able to create a business that allows me to have more time with my daughter and time to feel really fulfilled with what I’m doing in a work capacity. – Jaclyn Mellone


Jaclyn is the mama behind the Chasing Dreams and Littles Incubator a monthly membership for mama business owners to grow their dream business that allows them to work less and live more!

Her motto is, the juggle is real! Through her facebook group, insanely interactive Instagram, and tight-knit Incubator, and one to one consulting, she’s here to help, share, inspire, laugh, cry, and shake up your approach to juggling family, home and business.

When she’s not working with a group of amazing mamas or geeking out over Instagram, Jaclyn is most likely making a mess in the kitchen with her almost-3-year old Eleanor on her hip, sneaking time in with her hubs after bedtime, or listening to podcasts while doing the dishes. Ohh ya, and impatiently waiting to find out the gender of baby #2, due early in the summer! #thejuggleisreal.

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