Keeping her humor and doing the things she’s always done – EDEM 1 with Molly Mahoney

Meet a busy mom of three including twin babies who is saying yes to help, resetting expectations, and keeping a sense of humor so she can keep doing the the things she’s always done and not lose herself in parenting.

Parenting is rarely what we expect it’s going to be. Just when we think we have something figured out, we are thrown for a total curve. We learn and grow from every curve and come out better from it.

Imagine having a happy seven-month baby, things are going well, and you and your partner decide you want to grow your family. Never expecting it to happen right away after a slow struggle to conceive the first time. You do get pregnant, and it’s twins.

Meet Molly Mahoney. A former assistant vice president of a large bank and now stay-at-home-mom to as she describes it, “an almost two-year old stand-up comedian, smiley six-month old twin girls, and a golden retriever.” Yes, that is three babies under two, four if you include the dog.

How is she getting by? Keeping her humor and doing the things she’s always done are a start.

What has helped her the most? Moving close to family, teaching her twins to self-soothe, early-morning workouts, saying yes to help from family and strangers, and being okay with resetting her expectations.

There are many laugh out loud moments and great tips including a life recipe for flying with littles as as we get a glimpse into the our EveryDayEveryMom… Molly Mahoney.

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LifeRecipe for flying with littles 


  1. Snacks –  Whatever you think you’ll need, double it. The more snacks, bottles the better. You never know what will happen. You can bring anything for kids on the planes.
  2. Activities – Allow the screen time. Sticker books. Anything that can keep them engaged. Do not bring anything with loud sounds. The people on the plane will not appreciate those repetitive sounds that you may have become immune to at this point.
  3. Reset your Expectations – You have to go into it knowing it’s not going to be relaxing. But its a couple hours and it will be better when it’s done.


Be very organized. Have the diaper bag very well packed. Think about how are you going to carry them through the airport (wearing baby, stroller etc.). Are you gate checking the carseat or bringing it through the airport? You can buy an approved strap that can be used for a toddler sitting in his own seat. Or you can bring your carseat. Even though children could walk around airplane, try not to open that up to them. Keeping them contained in their seat is best. Accept the help – most passengers, flight attendants are open to helping. Giving up that control and accepting the help makes all the difference. It’s not going to pretty – there may be things that go wrong. Don’t worry about judgement. Keeping your calm is the best you can do for yourself and your child. In summary, prepare as best you can but try to keep your sense of humor knowing it may not be pretty but you will get through any blowout or bystander judgement that comes your way.


Molly is a wife of a Broncos-obsessed, wanna-be professional golfer; former assistant vice president for a large bank; and now stay at home mom to an almost two-year old stand-up comedian, smiley six-month old twin girls; and a lovable golden retriever. She recently hung up her skies and moved from Denver to Chicago to be closer to family and become a reluctant suburbanite. She loves entertaining, her son’s expanding vocabulary (he’s very proud of his three syllable BA-NA-NA), wine nights with her girlfriends, cooking, every.single.kissable. body part of my daughters, reading, living less than a mile from her parents and lazy nights on the couch with her patient and funny husband.


Parenting book Molly loves – Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman

Workout at home plan that gave Molly some time for herself – P90x for beginners by Tony Horton

EveryMom Molly Mahoney

EveryMom Molly Mahoney

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