Children model our behavior more that we know  – and more than we would like

I was outside in the yard doing some yoga stretching after my run this morning. I looked up and saw Lucy right up next to the glass of the door. She was mirroring all the yoga stretches I was doing. I raised my hands up to the sky and so did she. It was the sweetest most beautiful thing. But it also got me thinking of how much our children model us.

Children learn so much from what they see around them every day.

Children do what they see everyday from us and their siblings.

Children do what they see everyday from us and their siblings.

Calvin runs into the room and jumps and Lucy comes in right after him and tries to do the same thing. I can see how excited it makes her feel to do what Calvin just did. When Calvin gets upset, I see Lucy next to him taking deep breaths because she knows that is what I’m about to ask Calvin to do to help him calm down.  They act and behave so much based on what they see everyday.

Of course children don’t always follow the things I tell them or show them.

A child is still his or her own person. I’ve learned to accept that they will not always behave how I would or act how I want them to. Children are not logical and sometimes their behaviors come from feelings that will never make sense to me. The best thing I can do is teach and show them the tools to behave better.

Seeing Lucy raise up her arms like me is a vision I’ll hold in my head next time I feel myself spiraling into feelings of frustration and acting on them negatively.

I’ll try to remember how much of what I do my children see and replicate. I sometimes need to remind myself to take a deep breath and to choose love, just as I tell them. I’ll try to remember to hug my husband instead of walking away and letting anger win. Having children definitely challenges you to become a better version of yourself since you know how much of what you do affects them.

I don’t get to choose what happens every day, but I do choose my reaction. And that is something I want to model to my children.

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