Being pregnant with small children – try to let your children re-energize you

For me, pregnancy is wonderful except for the final weeks. I stay so busy with my 1-year old and 3-year old, I didn’t even have time to think about being pregnant and having it get in the way of our activities until recently. Being pregnant never got in the way before. But as I hit 35 weeks, the discomfort is setting in a bit. Getting up out of bed when Calvin calls out because of a bad dream. Running upstairs for the pair of socks I left in Lucy’s room as we are trying to get out the door. Picking up a puzzle piece that slipped so far under the couch. Or trying to find a place for both Calvin and Lucy on my lap when there is a big watermelon in the center. Even though it is a little harder these days, I still truly feel blessed. I get to stay home with my beautiful curious children and I am about to bring one more baby into the world.

People ask how I can be pregnant with two small children, and I say you just carry on and find untapped energy somehow.

One in my belly and one attached to my leg.

One in my belly and one attached to my leg.

I do look back fondly at my first pregnancy when I could come home and take a nap if I wanted to. When I didn’t have to prepare a meal if my aversions were too strong. Yes it was easier during my first pregnancy but of course I didn’t realize how good I had it then. It is harder now, but it is also more dynamic, joyful, and beautiful. You just carry on and the body set into its new role, finding new sources of energy.

When I feel the tiredness set in, I just push beyond it and find a new source of energy.

Amazingly, despite less sleep than I had in earlier pregnancies, I feel more energetic overall. From one child to two and now from two to three. My body and energy level seemed to step up to the new challenges. Having children has led me to be more active in my day, eat better food, keep up a routine schedule—and all of these lifestyle changes have certainly helped. But another component is that as much as my children test me at times, they also fill me with so much love and positivity that it helps re-energize me.

There are truly wonderful things about sharing pregnancy with little children.

Sharing this pregnancy with children has brought so much joy. It is fun for Calvin to see my growing belly and say things like “I have a baby in my tummy too” Lucy thinks my protruding belly button might be the funniest thing she has ever seen. Her giggles when touching it are too much. It is fun for them to feel the baby kicks and try to understand how that could be a baby inside making the movements. I now know the lifetime of joy this new baby will bring to me any our family and that truth makes the temporary pregnancy pains and discomforts feel insignificant.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On the long and uncomfortable days, I sometimes need to remind myself how blessed I am to be a mom of two with one on the way. Just taking a moment of silence and reflection can bring me back to a place of gratitude instead of letting the frustration in front of me consume me. I love feeling the little baby inside me move around. And I really love sharing the experience with my children who see the world like a caterpillar that just became a butterfly—boundless and beautiful.

Thinking like my children—with courage, curiosity, and creativity—brings me enormous amounts of energy.

I challenge myself every day to think more like my children. Why not? Life is just easier and more enjoyable when I am grateful for what I have and trusting that I can handle whatever comes my way.

What have you done to re-energize yourself while pregnant or just everyday as a mom?

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